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Onychomycosis is a fungal illness that occurs when fungi invade the nails of the hands or feet, and the fundamental skin. Nails are far more often affected lower limb as they grow awfully slowly, leading to the development of mycosis.

Therefore, the location at the foot onychomycosis requires a longer treatment than the location in the fingers of your hand. There are 4 types of fungal nail infections, of which the most typical type encountered in over ninety percent of cases, is at the Dermatophytes. They’re found more frequently among older people ( over sixty years ) and is rare among youngsters, occurring in less than one percent of children of different ages.

You may visit your doctor to ask hospital treatment for nail fungus or you can use a natural product to treat this condition. This fungus is not a micro-organism and therefore you do not need antibiotics. The fungus is a minuscule vegetative formation that appears usually on the wet surfaces.

After the fungus is developed under your nails, it will get definitely worse in the situation you do not treat it.

Zeta Clear is an organic solution that is meant to kill the fungus from the nails and it is one of the most secure methods of dumping the fungus for good. In case the fungus condition is mild, you can use Zeta Clear just for a few days, but if the condition is severe, several bottles may be needed.

Even after an effective treatment with Zeta Clear, in a few cases can happen either as they have the same location, whether occurring in another area and have a different etiologic agents. Some of them are difficult to treat and presents frequent relapses.

These are some pieces of advice for forestalling the nail fungus :

– correct hygiene of the feet ( washing and drying ) and application of Zeta Clear once in a while on the problematic areas

– Keep feet dry and applying talcum powder after bath

– Wear cotton socks and change them whenever needed ( often 2-3 times every day )

– Avoid shoes that cause damage to your fingertips, working most frequently concerned in recurrence of infection at this level

– Avoid wearing shoes that permit feet to respire a little

– Wear sandals or thongs in public bathrooms and showers in order to avoid getting the fungus.

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