WW2 Winterization – Hood and Grille Blankets For the Willys MB and Ford GPW

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Just about like any war, weather was a factor in World War Two.  Tests were done with the jeep using cold weather gear.  The tests took place during winter along the ALCAN (Alaska – Canada) Highway.  Out of those tests several kits were produced for use in locations with extreme cold weather. The Winterization Field Kit included in part:

  • Blanket, brush guard, assembly
  • Blanket, hood, assembly
  • Blanket, under fender, left, assembly
  • Blanket, under fender, right, assembly
  • Blanket, under motor, assembly
  • Various spring clips
  • Fasteners to attached the covers to the jeep
  • Drawings showing the installation of the radiator and brush guard
  • Installation instructions
  • Spring, retaining for the under motor blanket etc.

While in Alaska from 1988 to 1991, I was able to put the hood and grille blankets to good use.  The set that I found, someone had sewn them together so that you couldn’t open the hood with the covers attached.  Wasn’t usually a problem.  Boy, did these covers work well.  During the harsh Alaska winters it was nothing for the temperature to dip below -45F.  With the covers attached and the radiator flap closed the Jeep’s engine stayed warm but never too hot.  I also had a heater installed and that kept the inside of the jeep to a tolerable condition.

Later I was able to find a WW2 heater (part WO- A-11839) designed for the Jeep.  This heater mounts over the driver’s feet!  Sure keeps your feet nice and warm and is pretty effective even at -45F.  Of course, I was properly dressed with a Air Force issued parka, bunny pants and mukluks (boots).  If the weather is less severe, don’t try to drive your jeep with tennis shoes on–your shoes will melt!

write by Dominic Kujawa

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