Women’s Feet!

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I am writing this article for all the men out there with a foot fetish. When I was younger I felt like I should keep my foot fetish a secret from my friends and the people around me however as I matured and became more sexually active I noticed how much I appreciated a woman with nice feet. I call it appreciation but really I must admit, turned on by a woman with nice feet.

As I got older I became more and more comfortable with trying new things. When I say trying new things I mean with women’s feet. When I was younger I was just satisfied with touching them or looking at their bare feet. As time moved forward I got more into the whole foot thing. I began to suck toes sometimes during sex. After trying this I realized that it was an extreme turn on. As I write this it sounds weird, an extreme turn on to suck toes!! I must admit it was a real turn on I was hooked. From there I got into foot worship which is sucking, rubbing, licking and everything in between. After that I decided that I liked the way certain women’s feet were shaped and made. So there is a classification of a pretty foot and an ugly foot, and each person with a foot fetish has their preference.

As a grown man I don’t have any shame in what I like or what my favorite part of women is. Don’t get me wrong I like the entire woman, if certain things are not in place I don’t get a chance to look at her feet. Also I know if you’re reading this you must have looked up something foot fetish related so I have a little advice. If you were really into having sex in the doggy style position, you would not tell a girl on the first date or approach her saying “hey I want to give it to you doggy style” if you did she would probably keep on going. The same rule applies to telling a girl about your foot fetish. The things you want to do to her feet or the fact that you have a foot fetish is a part of your sexuality. Sexuality has a time and a place, so keep it clean until you get the signal that it’s OK to go there!

write by Toma Banner

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