Winter Sewing Patterns for Girls | Best Patterns

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Here are 13 winter sewing patterns for girls that have both style and warmth and are perfect for stepping out into a Winter Wonderland. Winter is the season of the year when dressing up not only becomes not only a fashion option but extra clothing helps you keep warm and cozy at the same time.

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Winter Sewing Patterns for Girls#1: The Elke Dress Pattern#2: The Amy dress PATTERN#3: Anke DRESS PATTERN#4: Anthea Dress Pattern#5: Bluebell Dress Pattern#6: Carly Cardigan Pattern#7: Colorblock Dress Pattern#8: Elise Dress Pattern#9: Dance leggings#10: Heidi Dress Pattern#11: Maisie Cape Pattern#12: The Molly Sweater#13: The Ursula Sweater

Winter Sewing Patterns for Girls

#1: The Elke Dress Pattern

The Elke dress is my bestselling winter sewing pattern for girls of all time. It is designed to be sewn in thicker knits such as sweatshirt fabric or polar fleece so it is ideal for colder countries. Wear it over a pair of leggings for maximum warmth.

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#2: The Amy dress PATTERN

The Amy dress pattern is beautifully styled to look like a pinafore. This winter dress will look beautiful with some creative contrasts and the addition of some buttons or bows. The large rolled collar option adds a cozy touch.

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This beautiful winter creation can be dressed up for a formal affair with a grand bow on the shoulder and a ruffled sleeve to add winter elegance and charm.

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#4: Anthea Dress Pattern

A real winter winner with nicely fitted long sleeve and a drop-waist gathered skirt.  Add contrasting buttons to finish off a very smart and comfortable dress.

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Pin(2) Amy Pattern (3) Anke Pattern (4) Anthea Pattern

#5: Bluebell Dress Pattern

The Bluebell pattern is a creation that will have everyone turning their heads in admiration.  It has a very modern, trendy finish with a hood to keep away the chill.

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#6: Carly Cardigan Pattern

The Carly cardigan pattern is a must for the start of fall and winter. The draped effect at the front makes the Carly cardigan fashionable and practical all at the same time.

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#7: Colorblock Dress Pattern

Here’s an opportunity to have fun with color and contrast. Color blocking adds creativity and interest.  Finish off this pattern with a deep split collar.

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Pin(4) Bluebell Pattern (5) Carly Pattern (6) Colorblock Pattern

#8: Elise Dress Pattern

The Elise pattern is a very classic, long-sleeved dress with a shaped yolk in a contrasting color.  Add a stunning bow feature to the waist and this is a wow factor dress for any winter wardrobe.

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#9: Dance leggings

Leggings will never go amiss as an accessory to winter fashions. Leggings go with a casual long jumper look or give some extra warmth.

Shop Dance Leggings Pattern

#10: Heidi Dress Pattern

A very stylish winter dress with an unusual deep pocket feature. This dress is perfect for braving the winter chills. Tuck your hands into the deep pockets and feel extra warm in this dress.

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Pin(8) Elise Pattern (9) Leggings Pattern (10) Heidi Pattern

#11: Maisie Cape Pattern

No winter wardrobe would be complete without a cape – a beautiful reversible cape.  The cape comes with a hood and a Red Riding Hood applique to give the finishing touch.

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#12: The Molly Sweater

The Molly sweater is a sweet cross-over style that can be trimmed with your favorite bias trim. This is a knit fabric pattern and is perfect for beginners as it can be sewn with a simple zig-stitch on a regular machine.

Shop Molly Pattern

#13: The Ursula Sweater

The Ursula pattern is a ruffle trim sweater with an asymmetric hem. This knit pattern puts a feminine twist on a regular sweater.

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Pin(11) Maisie Pattern (12) Molly Pattern (13) Ursula Pattern

So, don’t wait for the winter wind to blow you into action.  Get ready to choose some really special winter sewing patterns for girls to dress little ladies in their very best. 

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