Who in the World is Clinton Ober?

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Clinton Ober was born on the 14th of July in 1944. He spent his learning years growing up and becoming familiar with nature while living in the state of Montana. His initial training in nature consisted of learning many of the ways of the Native Americans who resided nearby. His surrounding community consisted mostly of ranchers and farmers from whom he discovered his deep respect for the land he walked upon.

What really sets Clinton apart from most other people is that Mr. Ober made a life shacking discovery. During a period of his life when he was ill and almost died he found himself spending a considerable amount of time in the hospital. One day when he woke up he realized that the blues in the sky and the greens in the grass were more vivid and clearer then he had ever noticed previously. He had a great desire to do something constructive that would benefit mankind and so he quickly parted with all his material possessions and ventured forth to take on a new life. As he sat thinking, he wondered what he would now do with his life and to his amazement he come up with a short quote, “become an opposite charge”.

This quote stuck clearly in his mind as he progressed about on his daily tasks. Perhaps his subconscious was trying to send him some sort of message telling him what he should now make his top priority. As he studied the issue further he devised an understanding that even as a human we have a particular bio-electrical relationship with our surrounding earth. This concept was similar to that found in electrical theory. He comes to the conclusion that by way of a ground connection the human body could be neutralized of any charge resulting in a more positive nervous system.

Since we are currently residing in an electrical predominant world we have come to lose contact with our natural grounding effect which leaves us extremely vulnerable to any sort of outside electrical interference. Clinton concluded that this affects the way our cells behave and the transfer of vital information concerning our wellbeing.

Over a period of several years Clinton spent a considerable amount of time digging deeper into the mysteries of charges, grounding and its effects on the human body. This was virgin territory and the engineers and scientist as well as those in the medical profession that he consulted were essentially useless in providing data for Clintons work. Finally he compiled a paper on EMF and its complicated issues concerning the body. Mr. Ober noticed that effects that occur to humans when they were subjected to specific amounts of EMF simply could not be reproduced in animal tests. What was different here he wondered.

Aha, the answer lied in shoes. Animals wear no shoes but humans wear then for many hours each and every day. In addition the animals did not sleep in beds that were insulated from the ground. Without shoes and sleeping on the ground the animals were effectively discharging excess static buildup.

It was discovered that when humans were grounded as they slept healing of the body took a rapid positive leap. With his new found knowledge Clinton designed a method where humans could be grounded while sleeping in their bed. The result of this research was that 85 percent of the test subjects fell asleep quicker when they were grounded and 93 percent admitted they slept better. There was a marked feeling of restfulness upon awakening, less muscle stiffness and a drastic reduction in back related problems.

Just as everyone was preparing to call Mr. Ober a quack his research was confirmed by a Dr Russell Whitten who confirmed the results by grounding 35 of his patients. Without doubt the human body needed to have a period of grounding in order to lead a non-stressful lifestyle. Grounding the body can have a significant effect upon the bodies’ health. In addition, going barefooted whenever it is possible provides somewhat of the same result. So now you know the significant work performed by Mr. Clinton Ober. Try your own experiments and see what you come up with.

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