What is Georgette: The Ultimate Fabric Guide

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What is Georgette? Georgette is a type of fabric that is woven from silk and synthetic textiles. Aside from pure silk, this fabric can also be produced from other synthetic fibers like viscose, polyester, and rayon. It is detailed with intricate draping and has a puckered surface. This crepe silk fabric was introduced at the start of the 20th century by French dressmakers. Ever since then, georgette has taken its place in the seats of fashion, especially as a bridal and evening wear fabric. 

What is GeorgettePinWhat is Georgette


What is Georgette?What is Georgette and How is it Made?What is Georgette vs ChiffonWhat is Georgette Distinguishing Features?What is Georgette Fabric Types?What is Georgette Fabric Benefits?What is Georgette Fabric Used For?What is Georgette Fabric Care and Maintenance?Quick Facts About What is Georgette What is Georgette – In Conclusion

What is Georgette?

The fabric has a unique lightweight and dull matte finishing. Crepe georgette weaves are done with firmly twisted yarns creating a crinkled surface effect. You can find it in solid bright colors or floral prints, and their price varies based on the type and design. If you want to know what is georgette in more detail, then keep reading.

What is Georgette and How is it Made?

Georgette is a woven fabric that is tightly twisted in z-twist and s-twist yarns. These twists are made in alternate directions and are responsible for the crinkled finish on the fabric’s surface. The jacquard weave or satin weave is also used to weave georgette. They produce jacquard georgette and satin georgette respectively. 

This fabric was first produced with silk, making it an inspirational and luxurious fabric. Today, different georgette fabric types are made with their unique characteristics, but its silk form remains the most expensive. There are also polyester and viscose georgettes which are less breathable and cheaper than the natural silk form. 

Georgette has various printings which keep up with fashion trends, mainly in botanical, floral, and tropical prints. However, this fabric is difficult to embroider, which is why the embroidered version is usually more expensive. 

What is Georgette vs Chiffon

You might wonder, what is georgette’s characteristics that make it different than that of chiffon? Well, chiffon is a flowing and lightweight fabric, which means that it clings nicely to the body. It is good for different styling, especially those that require drapings like empire waist dresses. It is often draped in different layers and can be sheer too. 

Chiffon fabric is good for pastels and muted colors since it has no distinct sheen. This allows it to fit well with delicate colors. This fabric also has an accordion subtle pleat with its “crinkle”. Its lightweight build makes it an ideal choice for daytime weddings or other outdoor events.

Georgette is slightly heavier and has a tighter weave than chiffon. However, chiffon is more preferred for making dresses because of its diaphanous look. Plus, it has more volume and is modest. 

Nevertheless, Georgette and chiffon have numerous similarities. For instance, they both have a similar feel and drape. Additionally, silk chiffon has a similar texture to georgette as they are both made with crepe fabric. Fashion designers favor both chiffon and Georgette for their drape and lightweight design. 

When purchasing Georgette, be sure not to mistake it for chiffon. They are very similar, but you can note their differences with close examination. 

What is Georgette Distinguishing Features?

Are you wondering what is georgette’s signature look? Some characteristics make georgette a special and unique fabric. This is because specific threads are used to produce it, making it highly twisted and crinkled when relaxed.

Although georgette weaves usually appear tight, their overall look is sheer. It has unusual strength and provides a well-varied look. The puckered appearance of georgette also gives it a signature look. This is due to the twisted yarns that are used in weaving it 

What is GeorgetteWhat is GeorgettePinWhat is Georgette

What is Georgette Fabric Types?

There are different types of georgette fabric in the market. This variety is possible because of the several weaving and twisting patterns. Each type has its unique characteristics.

Double Georgette – Double silk georgette is thicker and somewhat more translucent. It also has a good drape. Satin Georgette – Satin weave is used to give this georgette a shiny finish. Stretch Georgette – This kind of georgette fabric integrates elastic components like spandex into the weave. For this reason, it has an additional stretch. Jacquard Georgette – This type of fabric features a weaving known as a jacquard loom which gives additional strength to the design and fabric. Polyester Georgette – Polyester georgette is the simplest woven type of georgette. It is also known as poly georgette as it is produced from polyester.Embroidered Georgette – As the name suggests, this type of georgette fabric is embellished with beadwork, threads, or sequins. Traditional Georgette – The traditional georgette is grainy and sheer. It may also be known as georgette crepe. 

What is Georgette Fabric Benefits?

Some of the benefits of the georgette fabric include:

Breathable and Lightweight – Georgette fabric is flowy and light which makes it fairly breathable. However, since the fabric is made with raw synthetic fibers, it is considered less breathable than silk. Nice Drape – Crepe silk georgette fabric has a nice drape and structure, particularly for skirts and dresses. The georgette fabric may be layered on solid fabrics adding a dimension and creating an eye-catching effect. Sheer Effect – Georgette fabric can be translucent and sheer. It is however less sheer compared to chiffon, its sister fabric. If you want a fabric with a softer and translucent look, choose its silk crepe variant. Slight Stretch – What is georgette without a slight stretch? This is one of its unique characteristics due to its tight twist and weaving. Although this material is strong enough, it can still get damaged when not properly handled. Holds Dye – Another great characteristic of georgette fabric is that it holds in dye nicely. This fabric color is naturally off-white, which makes it easier to dye with varieties of patterns and hues. It can also be dyed with many colors which makes it a good choice for colorful evening dresses.Hypoallergenic – Silk georgette is hypoallergenic. This means that no harmful chemicals are used in creating the fabric. Sometimes, these chemicals can trigger allergic reactions and irritations. Hypoallergenic fabrics have great benefits not just for your health and skin but for the environment as well.Easy to Handle – The thin texture of the georgette fabric makes it easy to use. It can be added to a larger piece of the garment without any weight addition. It does not give a bulky appearance. In the early 1900s, this fabric was popular among women for its bouncy effect. 

What is Georgette Fabric Used For?

Are you wondering what is georgette used for? This intricately designed fabric can be used to make almost everything ranging from dresses, linens, curtains, and home decorations. 

These are the three main uses of this fabric:

Dresses – Although Georgette is sheer, it cannot be compared to chiffon. Hence, it is a better candidate for dresses. Any dress made with georgette fabric will cling nicely to the body. No surprise that georgette is a go-to for bridal wear, evening gowns, and other special occasions. Its versatility makes it useful for different cut dresses as well as wrap and flare dresses including an A-line pleated skirt. It can also suit maxi dresses and midi dresses with long or short sleeves. Sarees – Sarees are a popular Indian attire. These attires are often produced with georgette silk fabric as the layers drape nicely when wrapped, giving them a beautiful shape and appearance. Home décor – Another major use for georgette is home decor. You can use this to make interior items like table decorations, pillow covers, and window treatments. Blouses – Georgette is good for making blouses. Many fashion designers accessorize and adorn their designs with this fabric due to its absorbent nature. It is an innovative fabric that inspires different outfits. 

What is Georgette Fabric Care and Maintenance?

You can either wash georgette by hand or by dry cleaning. It must never be put into a machine wash. 

To wash by hand:

Mix detergent in a bowl of cold water.Soak the garment in the water and shake it until the soap is evenly distributed.Remove any excess water by squeezing the item and then rinse it.Avoid wringing the fabric to prevent pulling and stretching.Lay it to dry. Air drying is better as excess sunlight exposure may cause the fabric to lose its beautiful color. 

It is advisable to follow these rules when taking care of your georgette fabric as it is a delicate material. Inadequate care can damage the material beyond repair. 

Quick Facts About What is Georgette 

Here are some fun facts about the Georgette fabric:

Pure silk georgette is expensive compared to its other variations.Traditionally, garments made with georgette were only used by royal families because of their high price and elegance. This fabric hsd denoted class through the different ages.Every georgette fabric type is different. Faux Georgette, for example, can be distinguished by the material`s roughness. Pure georgette, on the other hand, is much softer. This can help you tell them apart easily. Faux georgette is considered far cheaper than pure georgette. 

What is Georgette – In Conclusion

Here’s a recap of what is georgette: Georgette is a textured and semi-sheer fabric that has good strength. It is tear-resistant and lightweight. This fabric is commonly used to make dresses, sarees, and different home decorations. It is woven tightly with twisted yarns giving it a grainy feeling. Georgette is a high-quality fabric that can be used for different purposes. It is also affordable depending on what type you wish to purchase. Lastly, it is exquisite and provides comfort, making it a great addition to your closet.

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