Walking Clogs Provide Comfort and Support

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Walking clogs were first seen on medical professionals many years ago. Since then they have become a fashion craze for many reasons. They now come in many more varieties than the original rubberized, waterproof versions. They can be designed for many different purposes and are now available in many different kinds of materials.

These types of footwear are available for gardeners in a style that is closer to the original and usually made of a rubbery or vinyl type of material that is somewhat rigid. However, they provide plenty of support for the feet and are comfortable. They can easily slip on and off, which is one of the many features that make them so desirable. Because of the waterproof materials, they can easily be wiped or hosed off after working in soil or in planting beds.

For those working in the medical profession, there are still many types to choose from that provide plenty of support and comfort. There are many colors available as well. You can find a pair to coordinate with the colors of your work scrubs or uniform. You can also find a comfortable cushioned pair made of soft leather. What you choose depends on the type of work you do and whether you will need something waterproof as well.

For every day use, walking clogs can be a great option in comfortable footwear. Some types are made of leather with an inner lining of wool or a type of fake fur. Some are simply quilted inside with a comfortable flannel lining. They can come in many different colors, from light tan to black.

Many women like the convenience of wearing this type of footwear, as they slip on an off easily. They look great with many fashions as well. Some styles are more pointed at the toe, while others are more rounded. Much of what you select will depend on your taste and what works with your wardrobe.

Often these comfortable shoes come with decorative accents. Some include a canvas or nylon band of fabric across the top for more interest. Others have a strap with a buckle or another metal decoration. The decoration can determine the look or style you are aiming for.

Walking clogs come in many different price ranges. You can find a good pair for gardening in garden centers and retail stores for $10 or less. Some less expensive versions are more lightweight and feel like they are made of a foam substance. These are also good for working outdoors or for wearing around the pool. Good quality leather products can cost up to $50.

write by Rickard Greene

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