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Vampires, being the most popular monster in the horror genre tend to be what a lot of people want to dress up as on Halloween.  Fact is, most people want to dress up and look like there straight out of a movie?  However, looking like a vampire or Gothic freak with movie star quality has been hard to come by until recently.

Not many sites on the web allow you to create a full vampire ensemble all within one place.  Many people look to the web to create an image synergistic with their core beliefs.  There looking for high quality and cost efficient Vampire gear.  From kids, teenagers to adults, male or female, Gothic, sexy, or a scary vampire costumes.  

Whether you want vampire costumes to dress up for Halloween or your blood craving Gothic creature looking to prey on a night out in the town, vampire gear needs to meet the high demand of the people.  Whether it be vampire contact lenses, vamp fangs, costumes, capes, shoes, Gothic gear, wigs, prosthetics, or medallions.

The high demand may be due to the fact of all the vampire movies and Vampire TV series that have come out in the past few years.  60 vampire movies & series alone have released in the past 2 years, and an estimated 20 more to air within the next year.

And the popular ones that have hit the big screen turning an average everyday human into a wannabe creature of the night are the following — Underworld, Twilight, Daybreakers, Eclipse, True Blood, & Let the right one in.

And with the advancement of technology, FX, and special effects within the movies and series, this making vampires look more scary & realistic, thus feeding the desire within us to want to dress up as these vampires & favorite actors on Halloween.

Gothic vampires also want to play the role with Gothic clothing, makeup, contact lenses & vampire teeth, and boots within their everyday lifestyle.  

And is it any wonder why this is the case — throughout history, vampires are known to be mysterious, have supernatural strength, keen senses, and sexual hypnotic beauty.  And to have a life of immortality with all these strengths will turn anyone into a vampire fan.

Modern day vampires are on the rise and looking to feed.  There looking to feed their closets with a trendy, unique, scary, dark, Gothic clothes & Halloween costumes.  Their looking to feed their artistic creativity, wanting to look like a professional vampires from the movies with FX makeup kits, unlike the traditional boring makeup that are sold commercially.

They want high-grade custom fangs that look realistic, unlike the soft rubbery plastic ones that we used to wearing as a kid.  They want the evil-looking piercing eyes that vampires have like the red devilish look of Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the chilling light blue contacts of Lestat in Interview with the vampire.

They want the prosthetics to change the mold of their face — from baby faces into monstrous demonic looking creatures, like “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

They want shoes that will go along with the look like red & black blood spattered & flamed shoes and high heels.  They want to dress up in a full vampire ensemble with added accessories to complete the look such as medallions, gloves & hats.

The horror genre has always and will always remain popular because of vampires.  From the modern-day New York Gothic vampire to the blood sucking monstrous mythological creature.  Made most popular from film, TV, books, Gothic freaks & Halloween.

Peoples belief in vampires only fuels the legend to continue.  And it us begs us to ask the question.  Are they real?  And whether you believe or not – people will always continue to be on both sides of the coin.  Whether you fear them, or want to play the role as one.  Whether you want to tap into their animalistic nature, or have vampire nightmares.  And whether you want to dress up as one or point the finger at one.

write by Lysandra

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