Types of Ribbon – BEST Ribbon Styles for Crafts

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When it comes to the types of ribbon available, the list is extensive.  There are creative ribbons for crafters or sewers and ribbons for gift-givers who want to enhance wrapping paper.  Ribbons make rosettes for award winners in competitions and can beautify wreaths and wedding bouquets. In fact ribbon, in the form of noodles, has even crept into the culinary world!  The humble ribbon is a symbol of awareness and support used widely to draw attention to great international causes. Ribbons are made from a wide variety of fabrics and in just about every color and size you can imagine. 

Types of RibbonPinTypes of Ribbon


Types of RibbonTypes of Ribbon #1 – Satin Ribbon Types of Ribbon #2 – Grosgrain Ribbon Types of Ribbon #3 – Lace Ribbon Types of Ribbon #4 – Burlap RibbonTypes of Ribbon #5 – Velvet Ribbon Types of Ribbon #6 – Wired Ribbon Types of Ribbon #7 – Paper Ribbon Types of Ribbon #8 – Curling Ribbon Types of Ribbon #9 – Raffia Ribbon Types of Ribbon #10 – Mesh Ribbon Types of Ribbon #11 – Tulle Ribbon Types of Ribbon #12 – Brocade RibbonTypes of Ribbon #13 – Silk RibbonsTypes of Ribbon #14 – Metallic Ribbons Types of Ribbon #15 – Glitter RibbonTypes of Ribbon PatternsTypes of Ribbon – In ConclusionRibbon ProjectsAlternatives to RibbonsRelated Articles

Types of Ribbon

The following types of ribbon are the most well known.  Used by sewers, crafters and florists, they are worth adding to your collection of sewing and craft accessories.

Types of Ribbon #1 – Satin Ribbon

This is a favorite ribbon for the majority of craft projects and comes in just about every color you can imagine.  The variety is unlimited and satin ribbon is smooth, shiny and easy to tie.  Satin ribbon can be single-faced, printed on one side or double-faced.

Types of Ribbon #2 – Grosgrain Ribbon

A favorite among the crafting world, grosgrain ribbon, with its hard-wearing fiber blend, is used for all kinds of craft activities.  Grosgrain ribbon can also be used for sewing projects and gives hems a bit of body due to its stiffness. It ties well and comes in a wide variety of colors too. Grosgrain ribbon has distinctive ridges across its length.

Types of Ribbon #3 – Lace Ribbon

Add elegance and a touch of class to any occasion with a lace ribbon.  Lace ribbon can be sewn onto handmade clothes and combines well with burlap to give a shabby chic feel to ribbon décor.

Types of Ribbon #4 – Burlap Ribbon

Burlap ribbon is corse and made of jute or hemp.  It has a wide appeal for crafts or décor looking for a natural or rustic element.  Burlap ribbon teams up well with other ribbons such as lace or satin.

types of ribbontypes of ribbonPinTypes of Ribbon – (1) Satin (2) Grosgrain (3) Lace (4) Burlap

Types of Ribbon #5 – Velvet Ribbon

The soft, plush and raised texture of velvet ribbon makes it symbolic of elegance.  Velvet ribbon is a classic winter trim used for the cooler season of the year. 

Types of Ribbon #6 – Wired Ribbon

Florists and decorators love wired ribbon.  The wire on the sides of the ribbon makes this ribbon easy to manipulate for all sorts of décor ideas. Bouquets, wreaths and adding a touch of class to a table setting are the perfect opportunities to use wired ribbon.

Types of Ribbon #7 – Paper Ribbon

Crinkled paper ribbon is a very economical option for craft projects.  It is easily turned into bows and makes a good wrapping option for gifts.

Types of Ribbon #8 – Curling Ribbon

Curling ribbon can be crimped or smooth.  It is ideal for craft projects and scrapbooking. Curling ribbon comes in many different colors and adds value to gift wrapping too.

Types of Ribbon #9 – Raffia Ribbon

Raffia joins the ranks of natural fiber ribbons.  It is useful in all kinds of gift wrapping, tying up presents and adding something rustic to wreaths and décor.

Types of RibbonTypes of RibbonPinTypes of Ribbon – (1) Curling (2) Lace (3) Wired

Types of Ribbon #10 – Mesh Ribbon

This interesting open weave ribbon is a great addition to all kinds of décor. It ties easily and adds volume to bows and wreaths.  At Christmas time the mesh ribbon is a cheerful festive way to create table décor and seasonal wreaths.

Types of Ribbon #11 – Tulle Ribbon

The light airy feel and look of tulle give a fantasy appearance to décor areas that use this form of ribbon.  It can be layered and doubled up into large soft bows.  Wedding venues and bride’s bouquets look elegant and ethereal with the addition of a touch of tulle ribbon.

Types of Ribbon #12 – Brocade Ribbon

Brocade ribbon is another variety of decorative ribbon.  It is made to suit heavier fabrics and often has a silver or gold thread running through it.  Brocade ribbon lends itself to special décor items like hatbands and other accessories.

Types of Ribbon #13 – Silk Ribbons

Silk ribbons are often hand-dyed and used for delicate floral embroideries.

Types of Ribbon #14 – Metallic Ribbons

Metallic ribbons look beautiful but are generally very stiff and therefore best for craft projects rather than sewing.

Types of Ribbon #15 – Glitter Ribbon

Fabric glitter ribbons are often used for clothing and hair accessories. The glitter threads do make this ribbon a little stiffer but it is normally flexible enough to sew with a sewing machine. It does tend to be a little scratchy, so use it strategically on clothing.

PinTypes of Ribbon – (1) Velvet (2) Brocade (3) Metallic (4) Glitter

Types of Ribbon Patterns

In addition to different compositions, ribbons can also have different patterns and designs printed or woven into them.

Printed ribbon can be customized to accentuate and brand items in the business world.  Printed ribbon will add a personal touch to weddings and special occasions. Ribbon can be printed with logos, patterns and polka dots too.

Printed ribbon may be made from various fabrics including satin or grosgrain.

Here are some common printing options:

Plaid – Plaid designs and ginghams add color to crafts and sewing projects. Floral designs – Ribbons printed with floral patterns make a lovely summer or spring items.  Floral ribbon ties in well with seasonal arrangements and can add an extra flair to the Christmas table.Spotsand stripes– Polka dots and stripes are very common on ribbons and add a cheerful pop of color.

Types of Ribbon – In Conclusion

There are so many different types of ribbon and they are such wonderful additions to almost anything you can think of.  They have upheld medals for war heroes and added flashes of color to berets and bags.  Actually, there is no end to the use of a ribbon. Next time you are missing someone, tie a yellow ribbon around a tree in your garden and welcome them home in style.

Ribbon Projects

How to Make a Bow – Learn how to make a bow that can be attached to clothing or hairclips.How to Line Alligator Clips – you can use any type of ribbon to line clips. Stop Ribbon Fraying – This is an important technique for most craft projects where you want a clean edge that won`t fray.

how to line an alligator cliphow to line an alligator clipPinLine Alligator Clipshow to make a ribbon bowhow to make a ribbon bowPinRibbon Bow Tutorialhow to stop ribbons frayinghow to stop ribbons frayingPinStop Fraying

Alternatives to Ribbons

If you can`t get to the shops for some ribbon for your latest craft project, then consider cutting up some fabric to make bias tape. This fabric tape is cut on the diagonal so it has a slight stretch. The diagonal cut also ensures that the fabric frays less. Choose fabrics with a small print in endless colors and patterns. Bias tape is especially a great option for projects that need a wider ribbon that can get too expensive. Learn how to make bias tape.

how to make bias bindinghow to make bias bindingPin

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