Treatments For Insect Bites and Stings

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I used to love going barefoot in the spring as a child. Then, unfortunately, I discovered bees. That made me a lot more careful about walking around barefoot let me tell you!

Have you ever stepped on a bee? It feels like the world’s worst splinter, or a shard of glass. My mom took quick action with baking soda and water paste just minutes after the incident and that helped. Still, I ended up with ten days of home treatment from this, because I’m one of those folks with a bee sting allergy. It was horrible.

I had to keep my swollen foot raised. I had to soak it every so often in warm water with Epsom salts in it. That felt great. I would get pins and needles but the warm soaks really helped a lot. I’m betting I would have hurt a lot more without these.

If you put the baking soda paste on the sting right away it can pull poison out. There are other ways to do that too. I’m not a fan of tobacco, but if you get a bee sting and put some damp tobacco on it, it can pull out some of the venom.

I still swear by baking soda though. It works for all sort of insect bites. Plus if you aren’t allergic, try camphorated oil. That works too. My grandparents used meat tenderizer to make the itching and irritation less severe.

Unfortunately none of those work for some of the worst insect bites out there. Chiggers are the worst things to be bitten by practically ever. The itching is so severe you may end up needing prednisone.

One home remedy that can work is to paint each bite with some nail polish. I’ve been so miserable from chigger bites that I’ve grabbed the first bottle I could reach, but frankly I recommend a bottle of clear nail polish if you want to try this trick.

It’s way better if you can keep from being bitten by them in the first place, or minimize the number and frequency of chigger bites. Some people swear that spices can make your sweat unattractive to chiggers. Try cayenne, marjoram, and ginger for this purpose.

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