Travolta Dancing – Improve Your Dance Moves

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In the 1970s John Travolta was shot to International fame as a Disco Dance sensation in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ followed swiftly by ‘Grease’. Travolta dancing in both these movies left the ladies screaming for more and his days as a Hollywood A-Lister had truly begun.

Back then, John Travolta was tall, dark and exceedingly handsome. His lithe body, smoothly confident demeanour and incredible moves on the dance floor made everyone want a piece of him. The young men wanted to be as cool and confident as him, whereas the women just wanted their boyfriends to be like him.

In the 1970s Travolta dancing was truly a sight to be seen. He made disco dancing seem so effortless and fun. It was a joy to watch Travolta dancing and viewers longed to join him to take part and escape the dreary reality of every-day life by bopping the nights away on the dance floor. Women everywhere dreamed of being spun around in his strong arms, envying the luck of Olivia Newton John as Sandy in Grease.

Prior to Travolta dancing in the 1970s, dancing alone was really not considered ‘cool’ for youngsters and he took it to a whole new level of fun. In his role as Danny in Grease, he became a worldwide sensation as the smooth talking, heartbreaker who was worshiped by the guys and lusted after by the girls. He had a seductive and cheeky smile, a lovable rogue, his dance moves were impressive and he could sing too! John Travolta was truly a seventies sensation.

Dancing is and always has been a wonderful pastime for youths everywhere around the world. For some, it comes naturally, for others, it’s confined to the safety of their bedrooms, but for anyone with the will to try and learn to dance; for both fun and fitness, there is little more educational than watching Travolta Dancing and learning from the best of the best.

write by Dempsey

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