Toe Tattoo Designs, Tips and Ideas!

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Toe tattoos have been gaining in popularity as of late, and for good reasons. They are stylish, cute, and good to show off in the summer. Here are some useful ideas and tips for toe tattoo designs, and some ideas about what you need to think about when getting these tattoos.

Toe tattoos vs toe rings: There are many great advantages of having toe tattoos instead of using other accessories. The toe ring has been popular for a long time, but it comes with a couple of disadvantages. Using the bulky ring when wearing shoes can be uncomfortable, but with these tattoos you don’t have to worry about that problem. Also, you don’t ever have to maintain it or worry about losing it since it’s a tattoo and not a piece of jewelry.

Things to be aware of before getting the tattoo: You probably know this but getting tattooed on the toe is generally more painful than many other places on the body. The reason for this is because the bone is very close to the skin. However, tattoos at this location are for obvious reasons not very big, so most people should be able to get through the tattooing process without any problems. Another thing to note is that for the first few weeks after you get your tattoo, it’s important not to rub the tattoo to much by walking around with tight shoes or socks.

Popular toe tattoo designs: Some popular choices for designs on your toes are flowers, stars, hearts or butterflies. Having the tattoo in the form of a toe ring is very popular. Another idea is the phrase tattoo, that is one letter per toe. You can find whatever tattoo design you want by using a good online gallery.

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