To Wear or Not To Wear Skinny Jeans 2006

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Will you be wearing skinnies? Will you be tucking them into your boots this fall and winter? Will you be wearing them with your gorgeous heels or open-toed high sandals? Maybe with your favorite ballerinas or pointy-toed flats? What will or would the effect be on your total look? Remember, we’re likely shooting for SLIMMING aren’t we. We all know our body-type intimately, so get real and make the right choice to flatter.

For some of us the look will be most excellent and slimming, for others of us, this may not necessarily be the case. For those of us who run from the skinny- don’t despair, there are cool trouser styles a plenty this year! Skinny jeans are not for you? Move on then. But, if you haven’t yet made the skinny jean commitment and are just now choosing to head away from the baggier boyfriend style jeans, and to embrace the skinny . . . Well then, here are a few helpful hints for you in your skinny jean adventure:

– Legs less than pencil thin? Choose your shoes wisely. A chunky boot is the best bet. Keep up the balancing act. Your goal is to make those legs look slim and to enhance your height, thus your slimness as well. If you choose tiny, cute, little shoes, you are only going to draw emphasis to your less tiny, less-than-little legs.

– Be brave! Roll up your skinnies to reveal footwear that is anything but understated. Does the roll-job need to be perfect? No way. An imperfect roll belies a bit of artistic, confident and casual chicness.

– Got thighs? Disguise and hide, while still wearing your fashionable skinny jeans. Do this by wearing a cool long white top, tunic tops, jersey tops, blouses with volume or even a chunky cardigan sweater. Or you can do it up with a super dress to middle thigh range or even longer. Dresses can be any style: shirt-dress, empire, wrap, smocked or baby doll. You know which styles are your best friends! Pair these with your new pair of skinnies and all the problem areas will be covered.

– Choose a pair of skinnies wisely. Don’t go less than 2% Lycra to retain shape. Also, despite your aversion to ankle zippers . . . remember that those will help you pass those oversize tootsies through the leg-holes!

– Don’t skimp on a perfect fit. Finding yours will not be easy, so be prepared to try a bunch on in the beloved dressing room. Your perfect fit will eventually come to the forefront with a bit of patience. Your perfect skinny may actually be a slim-fit (if you’re not pencil thin.)

– Color is key. Go for the darkest of blue. If black is for you, then black will be smartest at it’s very best, that would be jet black. Avoiding the dirty, washed out shades to keep your skinny look sharp. Like it’s been said to me, “Keep it simple stupid.”

– If you are uncomfortable with the hip-factor that you call your own, avoid completing your look with a trendy belt over your skinny jeans.

– If you have skinny-jean legs, but a less than skinny or balanced torso, you may want to skip the skinny jean look altogether. Remember, flatter your figure. Larger upper-body frames will balance best with wider legged bottoms. This may not be the best news if you are large busted or plus-size. It’s better to know now and choose a more flattering style to keep looking your personal best.

Happy skinnies hunting, or moving on . . . , whichever it is. The great truth here is that the best fashion trend is one that actually works best for you and your bod. Shed no tears if the skinny is not for you. You can always splurge on the shoes!

write by Fergus

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