The Old School Method of Making High Quality Clothing

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Technology in your clothing is not a bad thing, its just different

While there is no doubt that technology has taken clothing manufacturing to a higher and more efficient level, there are still merits to the old school way of making clothing. Technology has allowed us to take the realm of clothing much further much faster. Because of advancements in technology there are companies like Wal-Mart and Target that now offer some attractive clothing at affordable prices. Their clothing manufactured with high tech pattern cutting tools and assembled by giant factories churning out thousands of items per hour. This is great for consumers as this offers up a better way to shop and gives the everyday person choices. The problem is when it comes down to it these clothes are really “disposable”. It is something designed to last a season or two before it wears out- seams unravel and buttons fall off- then its time to start a new. When quality and construction is the order of the day there is nothing like high quality clothing and the best way to get that is to buy clothing that is made the old school way…by hand.

The early part of the 20Th century…When clothes were hand made.

Time was hand made clothing was the only way to buy clothes. If you see pictures from the 1910’s, 1920’s, 1930’s what you will see are men walking the streets in tailored clothing. This was not just the fashion but rather what was available. At the time there were no mass produced items and button up shirts and smart jackets make more sense for hand tailored clothing than your average t-shirt. As mass production came into play it made more sense to push fashion towards a less tailored look. The result is fashion as we know it today.

The method for truly high quality clothing has not changed much to this day.

Here are a few things that really set them apart

Hand made seams: while a machine can make a seam tighter and more uniform, a hand made seam is the biggest secret to clothes lasting longer. Hand made seams allow for the garment to move and flex allowing for a better flow and movement through the garment.

Better choice of fabrics: A high quality garment will almost always start with better fabrics. The Tailor knows what tailors well and what does not and that in turn makes for a better garment.

More attention to the small details: A great suit is made with out taking short cuts. A hand made piece is something that takes time and attention to every little detail.

The secret to getting value is buying a mix of the old and the new. When it comes to clothing that is going to be the back bone of your collection look for the old school quality and you will have clothing that can last for years to come.

write by Amity

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