The Bushveld Wedding

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The African Bushveld is home to many private game reserves and these remain highly sought out for weddings. One can enjoy a smaller intimate wedding, from a Just Us wedding to 10 – 40 guests, in natural and peaceful surroundings. There is an element of romanticism that is incomparable to anywhere else:

Below is a description of a typical bushveld wedding setting:

The day is still and the African Sun shines overhead, the guests welcome the shade of the Giant Fig as they wait in anticipation for the bride. The hum of the game drive vehicle can be heard in the distance and a shrike calls as it flies overhead searching for a singular basking reptile.

There is a slight breeze that comes in from across the dry riverbank and with it the sound of the African Staff singing a local wedding song. Dressed in bright colours the tone of Africa rings true and the guests sit in awe and wait.

The groom has that pensive, dreamy look on his face that tells the world he is at this moment exactly where God has willed him to be.

His best man fidgets slightly scuffing the dry earth with his polished shoes. The minister stands alone to one side the table next to him is adorned with candles of bright colours and a basket heaves with deep orange tropical roses and umbellatum lilies.

The chairs are covered in white stretch linen and are lined on either side of the traditional red carpet.

The Singing changes and becomes louder and the game drive vehicle can be heard behind the trees, coming to a halt the bride alights from the vehicle. With the aid of her father she stands at the end of the carpet and looks towards her waiting family and friends and the man with whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life.

A part of her feels like running down the carpet towards him and the other part leaves her feeling composed but with a definite tingling of happy nervousness.

The bride and her Father walk towards the now standing guests and meet the minister at the end of the carpet, the singing stops, her father bends to kiss her and the minister takes her hand and places it into the hand of her future husband. A sigh can be heard and somewhere far in the distance the call of the Fish Eagle rings through the African Bush.

Makes you want to be there, doesn’t it?

The African Continent is the perfect place for a romantic sojourn, why not allow time to stand still for just a moment and picture yourselves on this rich continent where culture is diverse and the land is so contrasting that the choices of a perfect location are endless.

write by Radley

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