The 8 Pillars of Becoming a Master Seducer

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In our society, the burden of seduction falls clearly on the male. But women are the selectors. So we have to market ourselves to them by beating competition and then the walls to their hearts. We have to trigger attraction and show our distinctive and unique traits that other men don’t have.

Well, as the dating guru, David Deangelo, puts it, “Attraction is not a choice”. But for it to be “not a choice”, it has to be created. Master seducers have made seduction an art because they can easily create attraction. So, if they can do it, you can do it. All you have to do is model success. So what makes these seducers masters in the game of seduction? Below is a list of skills necessary to become a master seducer. These skills are not in order of importance; rather they are complimentary to each other and must be addressed equally.

Conversational excellence

You don’t have to be the best linguist when conversing with a woman, but it is essential to be able to converse confidently yet at the same time eloquently. The better your conversational skills, the easier it is to persuade, influence, and attract. As a matter of fact, conveying interest through words coupled with the right body language can shoot your success rate to the roof.

The art of the touch

To establish connections with the opposite sex, there is no faster way than physical contact. Your strongest ally to attract women is the touch. It creates both comfort and powerful sexually charged feelings.

Body Language

Studies have shown that 58% of human communication is non-verbal. The more you are aware of your body movements and facial expressions, the more you can control them. By using alpha male body movement, gestures and facial expression, you can convey to the outside world that you are an alpha male.

Style and Fashion

To stand out, you have to be dressed right. People put a lot of attention on what you wear, as this is the first thing that strikes them when they see you. It is essential that you should be dressed up to the social context while trying to stand out and be unique from the crowd.

Physical attraction

You might not be Brad Pitt. You might not be tall. But that does not mean that you can’t be physically attractive. If you can fine tune some physical characteristics that you have, your chances are tripled with women. Concentrating on some physical workouts, trimming and shaving unnecessary hair, smelling good, and having a fresh breath, convey to a woman that you take care of your appearance.

Social proofing

According to Robert Cialdini, the author of the best-selling book influence, people will tend to put higher value on things that they see other people are doing. Accordingly, no one would want to buy a car that no one else wants. Likewise, no woman would want to be with a man that no other woman wants. By being surrounded with women, having fun with them throughout the night, conveys that you are an un-needy, interesting and high value male.

Strategies of seduction

According to the great guru, Anthony Robbins, “repetition is the mother of skill”. The more you are exposed to situations with women, the better your chances are to respond correctly to every situation that arises (flirting, rejection, attraction, resistance, etc). Accordingly, by modeling seducers who have devised strategies to respond to any situation, your transition process will be much easier if you use their strategies.

Beliefs and attitudes

Since women are the selectors in the seduction game, it is important for you to convey to them that you are the prize they are chasing for. For this to be achieved, you have to have the right attitudes and beliefs to support that. If you are faking your prizability, women will sense that and you will blow off your cover. Mast seducers always convey, through their attitudes and behaviors to women, the belief that if they fall short of the seducer’s expectations, standards, and rules, they will be screened out. Suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted. By setting up such a frame, you will make the selection process easy for women, a No-Brainer that it is you who they are going to select.

The sole objective of this article is to reveal how you can master the art of seduction. These eight essential skills are a must if you want to increase your success rate with women. But, to do that, you have to invest time and effort. If you are a natural seducer, then stop reading here. On the other hand, if you are ready to change your life and get better results with women, then seek the help of these master seducers that have made seduction as easy as math.


Juan “The Anonymous Seducer” Marco

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