Teva Sandals – Their History

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Today you will find that Teva Sandals are a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their name means Nature in Hebrew.

These sandals were invented by a guy called Mark Thatcher back in 1982 whilst he was working as a rafting guide and found that there were very few shoes available that could be used whilst a person was taking part in river and water activities. The problem with sneakers were that once they became wet they would be come very heavy and cumbersome to wear. Whilst the only other kind of footwear available that people could wear when taking part in any activities involving water were thongs and these would come off a person’s foot very easy.

Therefore Mark Thatcher spent a little time and designed a sandal that was thong shaped but came with a nylon ankle strap as well. So he created the first ever sporting sandal. Once he was obtained the patent for his invention he then found a manufacturer to produce them for him and during the first year of his sports sandals going on sale he only sold 200 pairs. In the beginning however many of those who began to wear these sandals would complain of problems relating to the thong style strapping. A lot of them were suffering from blisters between the first and second toe on their feet due to the strapping. However by the next year the number of Teva sandals had greatly increased because many young American’s found these to be an extremely fashionable item.

It was during this time that Mark Thatcher went into partnership with Deckers Corporation. However, eventually Decker’s obtained exclusive rights to Tevas along with the patent for the basic design which had been granted in 1988 along with the trademark for the Tevas brand name. At this time the sandal was also redesigned and Deckers created a new universal strapping system for the sandals that they began to produce. The first new design to come off the production line was known as the Hurricane and this particular model now acts as the basic design for all Teva sandals that are produced today.

All the Teva Sandals produced today come with a 2 layer sole which has an inner sole that is softer than the outer sole and most of them now come with arch supports. Plus many contain microbian zinc which helps to prevent the odor we often associate with sports footwear as it is able to kill of the bacteria which causes it. Whilst the outer sole of the sandal is much harder and is also able to provide the wearer with grip when they are walking over wet surfaces. Today the strapping system now consists of three sections. The toe post, the heel strap and the side strap all of which are connected together by triangular rings and each strap is then able to go through one side of the ring so making them much more comfortable to wear and also causing fewer problems in relation to foot problems.

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