Superimposed Seams

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Superimposed means something is overlapping something else to create an image or decorative look and feel. It is a sewing technique that consists of overlapping fabrics which form the basics of superimposed seams. This group of seams covers seams that have been discussed before and in fact, any seams, where fabrics overlap. Each piece of fabric is referred to as a ply and several plies may work well together. Different plies may compliment or may reinforce one another.

Superimposed SeamsPinSuperimposed Seams

Superimposed Seams

Superimposing fabrics can create new designs or styles as a flowing fabric, like chiffon, is superimposed over a stronger ply, like a satin. Bridal creations in particular respond well to lace superimposed over the satin or base fabric. Allowing the superimposed fabric to flow freely from the bodice or waist gives extra elegance to the garment. 

These seams, fall into the superimposed category. They are plain seams, the French seam, and double stitched seam. Other seams that overlay in some way could be said to superimpose.

french seamfrench seamPinFrench SeamsDouble Stitched SeamDouble Stitched SeamPinDouble Stitched SeamsPinPlain Seams

In its own right, a superimposed seam may have different ways of including the different plies of fabric. These methods of attachment depend on the way the fabric is folded or superimposed over the other ply of fabric. The simplest superimposed seam is one fabric lying on top of another and the two are stitched together along the edges or along the seam line. Other superimposed seams involve putting a top layer of fabric onto a base layer of fabric and allowing the base edge to fold over the piece of fabric that is superimposing to hold two layers of fabric. Seams with a fabric that is slippery and difficult to sew often benefit from using a superimposed fabric to help with the tendency to slip.

Seams are classified into different classes. In each class, seams are shown according to their variations of fabric type and the position of the fabric. Superimposed seams fall into the (SS) class. It is known as a class – 1 seam.

Seam and stitch type are two very important components to choosing the right seam for the right garment. The important thing to remember is seams are necessary structural parts of sewing and finding the one most suited to your fabric needs is a very important part of completing a garment. The superimposed seam may be made of the same fabrics or heavy and light together to complement the style of the garment. It is really the terminology of the seam that informs the sewer of two or more fabrics overlapping each other to make a seam.

Superimposed Seams – In Conclusion

If you are looking for a basic class one level of seam structure the superimposed seam fits the bill. The choice of fabrics and the way you superimpose them is your decision. Play around with some scraps of fabric to get the best results. Superimpose your fabrics and give them a wash to see how they deal with being together in and out of the wash. It is always advisable to make any super mistakes on a little scrap before deep diving into something expensive.

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