Straight Stitch Foot – Perfect Straight Stitching

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Learn all about the straight stitch foot. Every sewing machine has a presser foot which is a vital part of the sewing mechanism. The presser foot has nothing to do with the foot control pedal and mechanical operations of the machine. However, it does have a great deal with how the machine ‘walks’ across your fabric and stitches pieces of fabric together. The straight stitch foot presses on the fabric and holds it in place as the machine jumps into action. Thus, the fabric is held securely as the needle stitches down the perfectly straight seam line. The straight stitch foot is the workhorse of the machine, and without its stabilizing effect, the machine needle and the feed dogs would not be able to guide the machine over the fabric. 

Straight Stitch FootPinStraight Stitch Foot


Straight Stitch FootStraight Stitch Foot FeaturesStraight Stitch Foot OnlineAdvantages of the Straight Stitch FootAlternatives to the Straight Stitch FootStraight Stitch Foot – In ConclusionMore Sewing Feet Articles

Straight Stitch Foot

The basic straight stitch foot can be used on every make and model of machine. This foot is used to guide the fabric and allow a straight stitch to be completed neatly and accurately. This presser foot is designed to move comfortably over lightweight fabrics and make sure the fabric does not pucker. The straight stitch foot is really the best foot to sew straight along a seam line while not having a fabric that puckers too easily.

Straight Stitch FootStraight Stitch FootPinStraight Stitch Foot

Straight Stitch Foot Features

The Small Hole

The straight stitch foot has one small and round entry point designed for a single needle. It is not the same as the zig zag foot that allows the needle to move from side to side and has a space for that movement. Instead, the straight stitch foot is smooth underneath except for a small groove leading out from the needle hole. This groove allows for a stitching space under the foot as it glides over the fabric.

The small round hole lets only the straight stitch from a straight needle enter and exit from the fabric via the one hole. It adds stability to the fabric and stops added movement of the needle as it enters the fabric. The straight stitch presser foot is NOT for a zigzag or any other decorative stitch because the single hole will not allow the needle to move from side to side.

Distinctive Toe

The other features that make this a wonderful foot for straight stitching are the little grooves or marks on the toe which can be used as a guide for further stitching lines. The straight stitch foot comes with a turned-up big toe to make way for multiple layers of fabric under the foot.


When you look at this presser foot from the underside, you will notice how smooth it is. This smooth underpart allows the foot to hold the fabric really flat as the machine sews along.

Straight Stitch Foot Online

Each brand of sewing machine has its own straight stitch foot as an attachment. The attachment may be a click-on foot piece or a screw-on foot. Your machine guide book should tell you how to attach the presser foot.

You should also consider purchasing your straight stitch foot as part of a presser foot kit. This often works out far more economical. I`ve always found that these generic feet fit my Janome or Brother machine easily and give great results.

Advantages of the Straight Stitch Foot

Here is a list of ten advantages of using the straight stitch foot.

The small hole for the needle prevents puckering and slipping of light fabrics.The firm pressure via the single needle hole helps with stability and the penetration of heavier fabrics.The smooth underside of the foot ensures an easy glide across the fabric.The guidelines on the toes of the foot allow multiple rows of stitching to be done with ease and kept in straight parallel lines.The curve of the toe ensures multiple layers of fabric will pass under the foot, and the fabric will continue to sew neatly.The straight stitch foot is designed to easily fit your machine as an attachment, helping you sew straight lines and have neat, straight stitches.The straight stitch presser foot is ideal for narrow seams.The firm hold of the straight stitch presser foot prevents delicate fabrics from being chewed up or jammed inside the machine because it gives more support.This foot can be used to create a hand-stitched look on a quilt with a straight stitch created from the guidelines on the foot.

Alternatives to the Straight Stitch Foot

The main alternative to the straight stitch foot is your all-purpose foot or zig-zag foot. The all-purpose foot can be used for straight stitching, zig-zag, and many other decorative stitches. For thicker layers of fabric, a walking foot can help prevent puckering.

Alternatives to the Straight Stitch FootAlternatives to the Straight Stitch FootPinAlternatives to the Straight Stitch Foot

Straight Stitch Foot – In Conclusion

It is advisable to test drive the straight stitch foot before launching it on your costly silk or fine lawn fabric. Then, try the attachment and adjust your stitches accordingly. As long as the stitch you have chosen is a straight stitch, this presser foot is a great choice for all your straight line sewing tasks. Straight up or straight down, the straight stitch foot is bound to keep you on the straight and narrow of your sewing journey.

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