Staying Warm But Stylish With Ugg Boots

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A few years ago, a then tiny boot brand generally reserved for surfers in Australia burst onto the shoe scene. That brand was Ugg, a name popularized by surfers who appreciated the warm, fuzzy lining of the boots. Surfers in Australia depended on the warm insides of Ugg boots to keep their feet warm when they came out of the water, but no one thought of Uggs as fashionable at the time.Uggs are unisex sheepskin boots – they have fleece on the inside and a tanned outer surface with a rubber sole. They’re not waterproof, so they don’t do that well in the snow, which is ironic, because many Americans initially purchased their Uggs as snow boots.

A few years ago, tons of Hollywood celebrities gave Uggs a try, and just like that, the boots were everywhere! These days, you’ll find Ugg boots have gone high fashion – the retailer recently collaborated with shoe designer Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo to create a line of boots with studded stars and other fashionable finishes, like fringes.Uggs have gone from practical to fashionable in just a few years, and nowadays, the brand has way more than just boots. Now, you can get Ugg shoes, Ugg sandals, Ugg clogs, Ugg slippers – the list goes on and on! Ugg boots help you stay warm once the cold air rushes in, but thanks to a fashionable revamp, these surfer boots can also help you stay super stylish. Below are some picks for the fall season.

Ugg Australia Women’s Classic Tall

These are the Ugg boots that started it all – the classic tall boot is one of the brand’s “heritage styles.” Recently, these boots underwent a high fashion makeover, and they now come in marbled copper sheepskin, so you can stay warm and make a statement at the same time. The tall Ugg boots are the most versatile style, because they look great pulled all the way up and also rolled down with a portion of the fleece sheepskin showing. With a soft foam insole covered in genuine sheepskin, these boots are extremely comfortable and also extremely warm.

Ugg Australia Womne’s Classic Short

The classic shorts, like their taller relatives, are also a part of the boots that started it all. But they came next, in a shorter style that was popularized by college students all over the country, who could be seen sporting their Ugg boots with everything from denim miniskirts to tucked in sweatpants or black leggings.

Every pair of classic short boots is lined in plush fleece, which keeps your feet cozy and warm, no matter what the temperature is outside. You’ll also find a reinforced heel that will outlast the test of time. These boots don’t attract a lot of attention; instead, they’re stylish in a more classic way. Consider getting these boots in the simple chestnut shade, because they’ll go with almost anything you wear.

Ugg Australia Women’s Lynnea Clog

As mentioned above, Ugg has greatly expanded their offerings over the years. Now, you can find not just boots, but also sandals, slippers and even clogs! Clogs are extremely trendy this season, and Ugg’s take on the famous shoe is at once stylish and warm.With a suede and leather upper and a sheepskin fleece lining, these shoes give you a bit of extra height. They’re super fashionable, modeled after the clogs that Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld made famous a few seasons back, with molded rubber heels, leather lined heels and nail head trim. Perfect for the girl who wants to stay warm and fashionable at once, these look great with a dress and a pair of thick tights.

Ugg Australia Women’s Coquette Sheepskin Slippers

Second to the classic style, the slip-on sheepskin slippers created by Ugg are one of the most popular styles out there. These slippers aren’t technically meant for the great outdoors, but that hasn’t stopped college students from wearing them to class en masse.Warm, cozy and comfortable, these slippers are fully lined with sheepskin and have a soft, flexible outer. They’re constructed to mold to your foot, so you’ll never want to take them off. Best of all, they’re fashionable enough to wear out in public – while they’re clearly comfortable slippers, they won’t look ridiculous out and about in the world.

Uggs may have come from modest beginnings, but these days, the fashionable boots can be spotted on everyone from college kids across the northeast to celebrities looking to give their feet a rest from six inch heels. Get yourself a pair of Uggs this fall to ensure that you don’t just stay toasty, but you also stay fashionable as well. There’s no reason that you should have to sacrifice style just to stay warm – Ugg provides styles that will keep your toes warm and cozy and will still make you look great!

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