SEWING FUR | How to Sew Fur (Faux Fur of Course!)

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Years ago the rich and famous, dripping with diamonds and pearls, loved sewing fur and adding fur to their list of adornments. Thank goodness we can now all rejoice because in today’s fashion world there is plenty of amazing faux fur to go around! WONDERFUL NEWS – BUT….how to sew fur that is faux?

Sewing Fur, How to Sew Fur {Faux Fur}PinSewing Fur | How to Sew Fur {Faux Fur}


Sewing Fur {Faux Fur}What is Faux Fur?Step 1 – Align your pattern piecesStep 2 – Cutting out fur fabulouslyStep 3 – Create your fancy fur garment…Step 4 – Sewing fur with clever tricksSewing Fur – In ConclusionMore Fabrics to Sew

Sewing Fur {Faux Fur}

What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur is a fabric with a long pile designed to look like animal fur. It is animal-friendly and some are so real looking you can hardly tell the difference. If you look at the back of faux fur, you will see woven fabric which is easy to sew over.

There are tips and clever tricks to help every seamstress, experienced and novice alike for sewing fur which is faux.

Sewing Faux FurSewing Faux FurPinSewing Faux Fur

Fancy a faux fur coat or ermine trim? Perhaps a bit of faux sable to add drama to your wardrobe! There are so many faux furs to choose from and most are soft and luxurious! If you sew crafts and stuffed toys then learning about sewing fur is a must-have skill.

Here’s an easy directory of sewing fur:

Step 1 – Align your pattern pieces

Setting out the pattern pieces is a very important part of the sewing fur procedure. Remember that faux fur has a pile even under all that fluff and the direction that you place your pattern and the way you cut the pieces is very critical.

Points to remember:

NAP DIRECTION – Keep that fur going down the garment and be sure of this by drawing an arrow on the back of the fur so you always know the direction of the pile.PINNING – Work from the back and use weights to hold down the pattern.  If the fur is thick pins could get lost!CUTTING – Cut each piece out separately, one at a time and remember to flip the pattern so you have a left and a right side of each piece.MESS– Remember this is going to be messy so find a spot that can take a lot of furry fluff and be ready with a bin to scoop up the leftovers and get rid of them before they fly everywhere.Sewing FurSewing FurPinSewing Fur

Step 2 – Cutting out fur fabulously

Now you are ready to slice through all that fur.  It seems to make good sense to treat the fur with respect and not chop it to pieces with scissors.  (this is an option but a blade seems cleaner and more user-friendly)

CUTTING – Find a really sharp craft knife or single blade to use and gently slice through the fur from the back where the pattern was placed. Otherwise, use sharp scissors and cut slowly.COMBING – Have a wide-toothed comb readily available to comb out any loose bits of fur and to comb the bulk of the fur towards the center before you sew the pieces together.LINING – If you are sewing fur with a lining remember to cut the lining to match the fur and have the right sides together so the fur and the lining will look good.Sewing FurSewing FurPinSewing Fur

Step 3 –Create your fancy fur garment…

You can accessorize with a furry collar, cuffs or hoodie

TESTING – Always test drive your machine on one of your scraps.SEAMS – Make sure the fur is brushed away from the edge of the seam and adjust your stitch length according to the thickness of the fur. If the fur is really thick on the seam allowance, you can trim it back a little just along the edge. NEEDLES – Check your needle is nice and sharp, a universal size 90 is a good option.BASTING – Baste carefully before you start. Use a backstitch, not a running stitch so that as far as possible you are keeping the fur stable and going in the downward direction.STITCHES – Sew carefully with your chosen size stitch.COMBING – When the seam is complete comb out any unwanted fur or loose bits that can get into your machine. Turn your work around to the right side and once again comb the fur in the downward direction to see if there are any loose bits to pull away. Avoid any little trimming exercises in case you end up with a bald spot! Rather use the comb and pull out any unwanted fur. CLEAN – Keep your work surface clean and neat as you go along.sewing fur shrugsewing fur shrugPinLooking fabulous in faux fur!

Step 4 – Sewing fur with clever tricks

COVER UP – Wear an apron or overall….who wants to be covered in fluff?WORKSPACE – Keep your workspace clear and find a place free of carpets if possible.BINS – Keep a bin and bin bag close by to scoop bits of fluff and offcuts into right away.COMBS -Working with a wide-toothed comb is a lifesaver especially with long pile fur.SHAKING – Shake the pieces outside after you have cut to get rid of all those little bits of fur before you are ready to sew again.MACHINE – Clean your machine thoroughly after the seams have been sewn as there will be a lot of lint and fluff around that could jam up the moveable parts of your machine. Further Reading – how to clean a sewing machine

sew fur so good…..

Sewing Fur – In Conclusion

With these suggestions taken to heart and a bit of practice, you will be ready to start sewing fur for costumes, toys and just for fun. Furry good luck to you!!

sewing fursewing furPinSewing Fur | How to Sew Fur {Faux Fur}

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