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Sewing for baby is a real pleasure and a collection of easy sewing patterns will help create beautiful and practical clothing for babies and toddlers.  The Treasurie selection of baby sewing patterns and baby accessories are suited to every level of sewer even if you are a beginner.

sewing for babyPinSewing for Baby


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best Fabrics for sewing for baby

Finding the right fabric is one of the most important aspects of sewing for baby. Comfortable, soft on the skin and durable are probably the top three points to consider. 

An added bonus to sewing for baby is that relatively little material is required.  Baby patterns lend themselves to using up scraps or digging into those bargain bins at the fabric shops. 

Look for fabrics that are bright and colorful and have fun patterns. 

Cotton wins first prize for a fabric choice.  Cotton may fall under different names, weights and textures, but it is a soft, absorbent, practical and hard-wearing fabric.  Look for cotton lawn, broadcloth, cotton blends or poly cotton, denim and calico. Muslin is a soft lightweight form of cotton and great for lining.  Bamboo Rayon is a newish type of fabric, but the bamboo makes it a great fabric for sensitive skin.  It has the ability to adjust to different body temperatures and is soft and durable.Fleece is a great fabric for baby patterns. It is ideal for blankets and a soft option for clothing needing to give more warmth or comfort to young babies and toddlers.Waterproof fabrics add the edge on some items of babywear that need extra protection like bibs and diaper covers. Jersey knits are really useful as they are soft, stretchy and come in amazing color ranges. Jersey knits or cotton knits are easy to work with but need a pattern designed for stretch fabrics.

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Preparation Before Sewing for Baby

Making a success of sewing for baby and toddlers does require preparation of the fabric with a pre-wash cycle and an evaluation of the pattern suitability.

Follow the directions for suitable trims and additions to enhance the pattern. Take note not just how it will look, but also for how serviceable the outfit will be.  Build up a little stockpile of trim remnants to add variety to the patterns. Always take care that any trims are safe for baby.

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Babies patterns lend themselves to assembly line sewing so if you are organized, your baby’s wardrobe will have many practical and serviceable outfits to suit every occasion. 

Choosing a Baby pattern

Comfort: Patterns for babies should be chosen with comfort in mind.  The outfit will need to cope with some tough wear and tear.  Babies grow pretty quickly into action-packed bundles of joy so their clothing needs to be durable and comfortable.  Fit: Look for baby patterns that are not too fitted and allow for the bulk of a diaper.  Crawling and toddling and exploring are all part of the baby and toddler world.  Creativity: Sewing for a baby is the time to get creative with ruffles and trims, bows and patchwork.  Choose from an array of practical patterns including reversible pattern ideas that are a real winner with the toddler age group.

Sewing for Baby – Best Patterns

Try this line-up of practical pattern suggestions from Treasurie Sewing Patterns.

Bloomers and Diaper Cover Patterns

The vibrant colors of hardwearing quilting cotton lend themselves to creating stylish, funky bloomers and diaper covers.

The diaper cover is designed to make a cute cover over for the necessary but unattractive diaper.  It is practical and can be made to match outfits or worn with a simple t-shirt.  The ruffles for girls add a feminine touch.

Pin(1) Becca Bloomers (2) Alice Diaper Cover (3) Dakota Diaper Cover (4) Baby Bloomers

Pants and Leggings Patterns

Look for various styles of pants and leggings that are great for babies and toddlers.  Harem pants, in particular, are loose-fitting in just the right spot. 

Leggings and ordinary pull-on pants suit boys and girls alike.

Pin(1) Comfy Pants (2) Avery Pants (3) Leggings Pattern (4) Sammy Harem Pants

Overalls and Rompers Patterns

They are probably one of the most practical baby patterns.  Dressed up with ruffles or appliqué and pockets or patches, overalls are great for boys and girls.

Pin(1) Isabella Pattern (2) Charlie Pattern (3) Charlie Pattern (4) Chelsea Romper

Baby Dress Patterns

Pretty little dresses are really rewarding for sewing for baby. 

A reversible dress is always a winner.  It’s a two in one way to dress a little girl.  If one side gets a bit grubby, the reverse side is switched and in a second your little girl is neat and clean all over again. 

Peasant dresses are great for toddlers as they are generally able to learn to dress by stepping into the dress and pulling the elastic neck up. They are also one of the easiest and quickest styles to sew.

Pin(1) Susie Dress Pattern (2) Anna Dress Pattern (3) Scottie Dress and Top (4) Peggy Dress

Baby T-Shirt Patterns

T-shirts are never out of date when sewing for baby.  The different sleeve options suit the changes of weather and the overlapping neck style is extra easy to put on.

Pin(1 & 2) Overlap T-shirt (3) Cap Sleeve T-shirt (4) Baby T-shirt Pattern

Baby Top Patterns 

Little girls look very sweet in the Rosemary baby top or the Scanlan top pattern co-ordinated with a pair of bloomers.  Mix and match all these items and sew them up in mix and match fabrics and your baby will always look well dressed.

Pin(1) Scanlan Pattern (2) Natalie Top (3) Rosemary Top (4) Scanlan Pattern

Bib Patterns

Every baby clothing line-up needs bibs.  The patchwork bib pattern has very creative options.  Here’s a chance to use up scraps and make a practical piece of clothing. 

Bandana bib patterns look really cool and double as a safeguard to catch the odd little accident. 

Look how cute sewing for baby can be when you make bibs!

Pin(1) Bandana Bib Pattern (2) Bib Set (3) Patchwork Set (5) Basic Bibs Pattern

Toy Patterns

Playthings are last, but not least, in the baby pattern collection. 

Milly, my favorite rag doll pattern, comes with a dress pattern of her own. She also fits all the Treasurie 18 inch doll clothes patterns so you can build her a whole wardrobe.

Rachael Rabbit and Raphaelo is another soft toy pattern to add to baby’s collection of cuddly toys. 

Pin(1) Rachel Rabbit Pattern (2) Raphaelo (2) Milly Rag Doll Pattern (4) Rachel and Raphaelo

Free Sewing for Baby patterns

Everyone likes to get something for free!  There are a number of free patterns and tutorials on this blog that are available to encourage your sewing.  Simple baby patterns and small projects to get you started on the road to successful sewing. 

The free sewing for baby patterns include the burb cloth and baby blanket, such an essential item or a great gift for a new mum. 

burp cloth patternburp cloth patternPinBurp Cloth Sewing for Baby Pattern

Baby skirts and bunting are really wonderful ideas to get you enthusiastic about starting to sew for a baby.

Pin(1) Baby Blanket Pattern (2) Burp Cloth Pattern (3) Baby Skirt Pattern (4) Bunting Templates

Sewing For Baby – In Conclusion

Whatever your motivation is for using patterns for sewing for baby you can be sure it will be a satisfying experience. 

Dressing babies, decorating the nursery and watching your baby grow in the clothing you have made may motivate you to follow through with other outfits and look at patterns to suit the ages and stages ahead. 

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