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Holden Beach vacations are inexpensive and fun for the whole family. Are you looking for a family friendly place to get away from the demands of daily life? Are you looking for a place where you can kick off your shoes and soak up the sun? If it is sand, sun, and something for everyone, that you seek, look no more.

Holden Beach vacations have the answers to all of your vacationing needs and wants. Located between the popular beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Holden Beach is a quiet destination spot. Holden Beach vacations offer the full beach town experience without the huge crowds and over populated beaches. To keep the quiet, non crowded feel on the islands, buildings are not allowed to be built over 35 feet tall. Most of the housing on Holden Beach are cottages and single family units that can be rented for the inexpensive cost of less than $2,500 a week during peak season!

For the shopper in the family, Holden Beach has all you can crave and more. The beach is located around several local specialty shops and many well known department stores. Shopping may not be for everyone in your family.

For the golfing oriented family member, Holden Beach is within a two hour drive from over one hundred and twenty-five prime golfing courses. The golf courses vary depending on skill level and guarantee to have a playing course for anyone in your family.

Holden Beach vacations are not just for the adults. Children will find the beach to be entertaining. Take the kids down to the clean sand and look for rare sea shells. If it happens to rain on one of the days of your vacation just consider staying inside with the kids and making sea shell memorabilia.

Fishing, hiking, and boating are among other activities offered at Holden Beach. Want to see sea turtles? Holden Beach vacations offer wonderful opportunities to witness sea turtles in their natural habitats. Book your trip from May to October to catch the sea turtle hatching period. If you allow your children to stay up late, they may get the once in a lifetime chance of watching hundreds of baby sea turtles make their way across the sand and into the ocean.

Holden Beach vacations are great for the whole family. Holden Beach has something for everyone to enjoy. Holden Beach has a moderate temperature that is consistent year round. The temperature is so nice that palm trees are part of the natural growing scenery. The beach is a perfect place for long romantic walks and creating the perfect vacation memories. With Holden Beach facing to the South, you and your family can experience both sunsets and sunrises over the ocean. What more in a beach vacation could you ask for?

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