Scary (But Fun) Halloween Party Games

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If you have ever been to a Halloween party you know that there are traditional games in which every kid has taken part of. Bobbing for Apples has been a Halloween party games standby for a century or more. The traditional telling of ghost stories with a flashlight on your face still is a Halloween party favorite. This year try something new at your Halloween party. Break from the pack and start a new trend by playing Halloween games that are popular themed and will really give memories of fright and fun and not of boredom. You are sure to think of a few new games yourself, but after reading these ideas it might prime you to be more creative.

Fear Factor is a game show on TV that challenges contestants to do scary and disgusting feats to win a prize. This Halloween, instead of the traditional Halloween party games, have a home fear factor. If you have not seen the show, the basic idea is to perform disgusting, gross dares that will even turn the garbage man’s stomach.

The best way to start the game is to go for touch. Put some disgusting stuff in a box with a hole cut in it. Tell the kids that there is brains in the box and they have to put there hands in the box to move to the next Fear Factor Dare. In the box have a bowl of cold spaghetti smeared with tomato sauce for fake blood. When the children put there hands in the box they will feel the spaghetti but without knowing it is food, they will think it feels like brains.

Have other boxes around for the blind touch game. Put a couple of grapes in a box and tell the child that is the eyes of a dead pirate. In another box put is some beef liver and tell the child that it is the insides of the last child that played the game and lost. In the last bog you can take tied together shoe laces that are wet and cold and you can tell the child that they are feelings the intestines of a murdered woman. You can spin the tale to fit the age groups of the kids, but their heightened imaginations will make this one of the best Halloween party games they have ever played.

The next Fear Factor Halloween game is played with bugs or worms. Have a child sit in a chair blind folded. Tell him that you are taking out a snake out of the box. Tell him that it is a rattle snake. Shake a baby rattle next to his ear and slowly pull a rubber snake over his shoulders and across his body. There are many other gross and scary things that you can incorporate in the game.

A good idea for the end of this Halloween game is to serve gross snacks. Gummy worms and chocolate spiders are a great treat. Candy corn in chocolate pudding also makes a gross, yummy snack. With a little imagination and some creative juices flowing you can make the Halloween party games of the past a memory in only your mind and not your kids.

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