Salsa Shoes – How to Find the Most Suitable Salsa Shoes

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The choices for salsa shoes are broad and varied. Different dancers have different requirement from their shoes. There are some important elements you need to consider when choosing them. The floor you dance on is a probable factor. That is why it is good practice for professional dancers to have many different kinds of shoes that would be suitable for different floors.

The ideal salsa dance shoes should be flexible, provide strong support and have a sturdy sole. The sole used will depend on the dance floor. That is why it is good to know the kind of floor surface you are dancing on so you will dance better.

Having a number of shoes will enable you to dance in all kinds of surfaces whether sticky or slippery. If you are dancing on a slippery floor, it will be good to refrain from using smooth leather. This is the most slippery kind of shoe.

For sticky surfaces, refrain from using rubber. Rubber shoes are the most sticky. If you have problems with a sticky floor then dabbing some baby powder on the floor will do the trick. It will make you glide faster and easier on the floor.

For slippery floors, it will be a good idea to use a wire brush or a stick-on pad. This will make the floor stick more as you dance.

You can buy dancing shoes online or in stores. Shoes are offered in various styles. Some probable salsa shoes design that you can choose from would include: a classic T-strap with open or closed toe sandal, an X-strap pump, T-strap with sexy Latina heel and other wonderful choices.

The shoe can come in full leather or satin. Most often the shoe has non-slip suede sole and a cushion. You can find shoes that have 2 ½ to 3 inch heels. The color could come in silver metallic, suntan, taupe, black, gold metallic, bronze, champagne and other color choices.

Why is it necessary to buy dance shoes and not wear just ordinary street shoes? The reason for this is dance shoes are made exactly for dancing. They work with your feet. They are made to fit the foot. They are also very flexible, making movements easier.

Conventional shoes are hard and sturdy. That is why, movement is limited for these shoes. When you are dancing, you constantly have to apply pressure on your shoes so you can move your feet the way you want to. This will cause your feet to get hurt and tired.

For those who do the follow role, you should build the muscles in your feet and legs so you can support your weight and not depend on your shoes. People who do not usually dance in heels, building feet and leg muscles will allow you to be more stable in your dancing. Your dancing is not rooted in your shoe heels but in your bodily strength. This will help you dance lightly and respond more swiftly to your lead.

Wearing a 2 ½ heel is good. The heel will enable you to act sexy. But it is not too high to distract you from dancing and balancing your feet.

Looking for the most suitable salsa shoes can be difficult and even intimidating especially for the uninitiated. But with time and patience you will just how to with ease.

write by Daniel Baldwin

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