Rain Boots – A Precise History

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We may not take ‘rubber wellies’ with really great deal of attention but the term has really been a catalyst to making a way for current generation in wet and muddy grounds of today. The history of rain boots starts from this term only when way back in 19th century the first duke of wellington named Arthur Wellington requested his shoemaker to change the design of his shoes. His previous boots were hessian boots and these were primarily worn by soldiers and other military officials because of their low heal and partially pointed toe. Such design of hessian boots made it comfortable for mounting horses and wearing stirrups. Initially these were made of leather material but slowly as the fashion element came into the picture the current form of rubber waterproof rain boots has become a visible figure. At the time of World War I it was a huge demand for such waterproof boots. It was just because these rubber boots were really durable and flexible and a perfect match with the war conditions of that time. Soldiers could wear them for weeks without getting them any bad. The same happened at the time of World War II when the production of such waterproof boots just sparked. As the time passed gradually it became a choice of all men, women, children and people of all ages to wear such boots what we today call as rain boots.

A very interesting fact about rain boots is that the nicknames they have got all over the world depending upon their use in different culture and countries. In South Africa and New Zealand they call it as ‘Gumboots’, which has derived from nineteenth century gum diggers who used to wear such shoes while they worked. Similarly in Australia they call them as ‘gummies’ and ‘blucher boots’. In Europe, Irish people refer it as ‘me topboots’. But despite all the difference in their name they all mainly used for the same purpose across the world. Their practical and popular use throughout these whole years has made them among the most worn shoes in the world.

When you talk about their colors, there are still a number of American fellows you can find who wear a bright yellow adaptation of wellies, while the green is still a very famous color among the British. When children go to school, rain boots are the most important footwear they use to protect themselves from the early morning shower and dew. They are gradually becoming a fashion and trend statement and many of the fashion designers are now a days using them in their different new kinds of dressing styles. Why they are being preferred over the other leather and synthetic foot wears in such unfavorable conditions is just because of their warm insulations and rubber exteriors. Anyways right from the medium for protection to puddle jumping to current fashion statement, how these rain boots have evolved is just simply outstanding but still they preserve their image as the simple type of foot wears.

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