Rail Fence Quilt Patterns – 12 of the Best

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Enhance the fundamental skills required for making fun and attractive quilts by enjoying some inspiring, free rail fence quilt patterns today? If you don’t know already, then let me tell you that rail fence quilts are a great choice for all quilters, whether aspiring beginners or skilled professionals. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now would know how I focus on rounding up patterns that can motivate beginners as well as interest those who’ve been thriving as crafters for a long. Such is the scenario today as well.  

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsPinRail Fence Quilt Patterns


Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns#1 Jelly Roll Rail Fence Quilt#2 Rainbow Rail Quilt#3 Easy Rail Fence Bed Quilt#4 Twisted Rail Quilt Block#5 Garden District Picnic Rail Fence Quilt#6 Rolling Rail Fence Quilt#7 Quick Rail Fence Baby Quilt#8 The ‘Alex’ Rail Fence Quilt#9 The Dizzy Lizzy Rail Fence Quilt#10 Rail Fence Quilt for Beginners#11 Crossed Paths: Rail Fence Quilt#12 Little Picket Rail Fence QuiltFree Rail Fence Quilt Patterns – In ConclusionMore Quilt Blocks

Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns

If you’re new to the idea of a rail fence quilt, then you’ll need to know that making rail fence quilts requires lots of measurements, cutting, and stitching. However, what makes them a great choice, is their sustainability (as you won’t be wasting even a scrap of chosen fabric), easy construction, and visual appeal. Read on to find a bunch of carefully rounded up free rail fence quilt patterns, that have the potential of hopping on to your coming-up projects’ list. 

Rail Fence Quilt BlocksRail Fence Quilt BlocksPin

Basic Blocks

Learn how to sew basic rail fence quilt blocks before you start on these full quilts.

#1 Jelly Roll Rail Fence Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Material Girl Quilts

Enjoy a visual treat by making use of this fun and fancy-looking pattern. This would be a great choice for quilters looking for options to incorporate leftover jelly rolls. You can use cheerful prints and vibrant colors or opt for solid prints and darker tones. If you have any leftover fabric by the time you’re done with the quilt front, you can incorporate it into the backing of the quilt, just like it’s done here. If you want to know more, click on the link for the video tutorial and complete the instructions. Patterns from Material Girl Quilts

#2 Rainbow Rail Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Connie Kresin

Go bright and bold this season with a Rail Fence Quilt that features all the colors of the rainbow. The Rainbow Rail Fence Quilt is a gorgeous adaptation of its traditional origin. The modern twist in this pattern is bound to make this quilt a hit among both the conventional and contemporary quilters alike. Trying out this pattern is a great opportunity to play with color schemes and glorious batiks. You will be making use of small strip quilt blocks and fat quarters, and as this quilt project comes with step-by-step instructions even if you’re a beginner at quilting, you will find it easy to handle. Patterns from Connie Kresin

How to Make a QuiltHow to Make a QuiltPin

Quilting Basics

How to Make a QuiltBinding a QuiltQuilt BordersQuilting for BeginnersQuilting Tools

#3 Easy Rail Fence Bed Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

In the mood to enjoy a brand-new, handmade, and aesthetically pleasing quilt made in your favorite color scheme? Focus on a color contrast that you prefer and create strip sets from different fabrics to put together the Easy Rail Fence Bed Quilt. You can use Red with Rust or Orange or Browns. You can also use shades of Blue with Brown. The possible combinations are endless, so you can come up with your own choice of color works that would do justice to this pretty pattern. Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

#4 Twisted Rail Quilt Block

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Exuberant Color

Jump onto the rails with these Twisted Rail Fence Quilt Blocks. This pattern is designed to make a classic rail fence quilt block, which will be cut in half on the diagonal. You will then replace it with another rail fence quilt block half, and that way from just a tiny, double toned square in one corner to two large, mitered strips in the other corner, you will have a brand-new block. Make it for a loved one who has just moved into a new place or started a new school. Patterns from Exuberant Color

#5 Garden District Picnic Rail Fence Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Fave Quilts

The Garden District Picnic Rail Fence Quilt is a pattern as pretty as its name. It is designed especially for fabrics with floral and dainty prints, so choosing something along those lines would do the pattern justice. This means the Garden District Quilt would be perfect for quilts with summer themes. The pretty floral fabric pieces in this quilt will be pieced similarly to those in a traditional rail fence quilt. Patterns from Fave Quilts

#6 Rolling Rail Fence Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Jo`s Country Junction

Using your favorite jelly roll and the Rolling Rail Fence Quilt tutorial, you can make an attractive and aesthetically pleasing Rail Fence Quilt to spruce up your bedroom. You don’t need to stress even if it is your first time making a rail fence quilt as this tutorial comes with a full layout of the design. The design layout has an intricate pattern broken down into simple quilt blocks. You can personalize this pattern by choosing a different color scheme and different fabric prints. Patterns from Jo`s Country Junction

#7 Quick Rail Fence Baby Quilt

Pin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Diary of a Quilter

Choose some rosy pinks and grassy green fabric pieces to bless your room with a gorgeous pop of colors by whipping up a handmade and pretty quilt. This quick Rail Fence Baby Quilt Pattern has some great strip-piecing hacks that will aid you in finishing up the quilt rather quickly. You can piece together this rather cute baby quilt in just a day with some dedicated effort, using some fun strip-piecing techniques. Sewing together strip pieces are pretty simple, and if you will make use of some tried practices mentioned in the pattern, it will be even simpler. Patterns from Diary of a Quilter

#8 The ‘Alex’ Rail Fence Quilt

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsRail Fence Quilt PatternsPin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Sew Preeti Quilts

Ready to enjoy the easiest ever Rail Fence Quilt Block that will stun you completely? You can whip up a whole Rail Fence Quilt Block for The Alex in just a few minutes. Therefore, if you are interested in this pretty pattern, then beware; you will have an arm candy by your side faster than you know. While experimenting with this pattern, you will find it fun to play around with different colors. Make a bunch of these quick quilt blocks, sew them up,, and enjoy your brand-new home goodie. Patterns from Sew Preeti Quilts

#9 The Dizzy Lizzy Rail Fence Quilt

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsRail Fence Quilt PatternsPin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Patchwork Bliss

The Dizzy Lizzy Rail Fence Quilt is an exciting and energetic bed quilt pattern for someone with a cheerful and equally exciting personality. With this rail fence quilt pattern, you can make a gorgeous 65 by 81 (inches) quilt that is totally suitable for a queen-size bed. It is easily customizable, and you can personalize it according to the color scheme of your room and opt for a fabric print that showcases your preferences and tastes. As for sizing adjustments, you can simply add or remove some blocks until you achieve the size you desire. This playful and scrappy quilt pattern is a great choice for quilters of different skill ranges and an equally great choice for gifting. Patterns from Patchwork Bliss

#10 Rail Fence Quilt for Beginners

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsRail Fence Quilt PatternsPin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Scrapish

Loving this modern edit of the classic Rail Fence Quilt! Opt for four different shades of color and produce an ombre-effect Rail Fence Quilt that is a treat for the eyes. You can either opt for all solid fabric pieces or make a mix of printed fabric pieces and solids to give it an extra oomph. Therefore, dig deep into your stash and pull out some stunners or go shopping for your latest project, cut up some 2 and a ½ inches wide fabric strips, and get to work. but if you use jellyrolls the hardest work is already done for you. This will be an enjoyable design for quilters of varying skill levels. Patterns from Scrapish

#11 Crossed Paths: Rail Fence Quilt

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsRail Fence Quilt PatternsPin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from A Crafty Fox

The Crossed Paths Rail Fence Quilt is a goofy and playful quilt pattern, the sort you would want to make for a younger and cheerful soul. If your little girl is going away for school, you can make this yummy quilt for her and it will always serve as a gentle reminder of your presence. Patterns from A Crafty Fox

#12 Little Picket Rail Fence Quilt

Rail Fence Quilt PatternsRail Fence Quilt PatternsPin Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns from Fave Quilts

Here is a dainty version of the classic rail fence quilt pattern. The Little Picket Fence Quilt features soft tones of pink, lilac, green, and turquoise fabrics zigzagging across the quilt. You can opt for a different color palette or a basketweave addition to personalize it if you please. Either way, this rail fence quilt will look amazing. Patterns from Fave Quilts

Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns – In Conclusion

Living in the colder parts of the world, it is hard to say no to warm AND attractive quilts. With such self-explanatory patterns and a skill set of our own, it would be a shame if we didn’t spruce up and cozy up with at least one quilt addition. These Rail Fence Quilts are great for putting together pre-cuts and fabric scraps into detailed and intricate-looking pieces. Also, these are a blessing for those quilters who want to enjoy an appealing and gratifying project without much fuss.

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