Rag Quilt Patterns – 15 of the Best

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Satisfy your desire to make a visual treat by whipping up something easy with these free rag quilt patterns. The rag quilt is a convenient choice suitable for both new quilt-makers and seasoned ones searching for quick, gratifying projects. Easy yet interesting, the rag quilt projects are great for weekends when you want to sew without too much fuss. Experiment with color schemes, border choices, and fabric selection and enjoy the personalized aesthetic of your sleeping space.

Rag Quilt PatternsPinRag Quilt Patterns


Free Rag Quilt Patterns#1 Easiest, Beginner-Friendly Rag Quilt#2 Christmas Tree Rag Quilt#3 The Denim Rag Quilt#4 Easy Double Four Patch Rag QuiltMore Quilting Patterns#5 Frayed Flannel Rag Quilt#6 Easy Blue Jeans Rag Quilt#7 It’s Fall Y’all Scrappy Rag Quilt#8 Rag Quilt – Chevron Style#9 Heirloom Piece Rag Quilt#10 T-Shirt Rag Quilt#11 Easiest Ever Rag Quilt#12 DIY Rag Quilt#13 Flannel Rag Quilt#14 Raw-Edge Layer Cake Rag Quilt#15 Ruffled Flower Rag QuiltQuilt Patterns – In Conclusion

Free Rag Quilt Patterns

Here are some fun patterns that will facilitate you in stitching up quilts with some depth and drama that you don’t easily find among the heaps of conventional, boring store-bought quilts. Rag quilts have exposed seams on the quilt’s front instead of being carefully hidden underneath patchwork, hence their name. After the finished quilt has enjoyed a few trips to the laundry, it will start showing fabric fraying true to its name, giving it an artsy look.


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#1 Easiest, Beginner-Friendly Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Quilter`s Candy

This easy, beginner-friendly rag quilt is fast and fun to make. You will need to choose some pretty fabric for it that complements the ragged edges and looks cute. Besides the fabric, you will require batting, a sewing machine, thread, and scissors. The pattern comes with fabric requirements for 2 sizes of rag quilts: a baby quilt and a lap size quilt. Patterns from Quilter`s Candy

#2 Christmas Tree Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

The Christmas Tree Rag Quilt Pattern is a great choice for the holiday season. You can use it as a throw or a backdrop for your Christmas dinner set-up. If you have a lot of green and light brown fabric pieces lying around, your best shot at using them well is this pattern. Since it is more wintery than Christmas-y, you can enjoy it all season long. Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

#3 The Denim Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 3Rag Quilt Patterns 3Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Vicky Myers Collections

Add a personalized and modern touch to your living space with this upcycled quilt project. This Denim Rag Quilt Tutorial is proof of how recyclable goodies can be fashioned into something really cool and usable. For this quilt, you can easily reuse old jeans and pillowcases that have been lying around for a long time. With this pattern, you will be able to make a denim quilt that is not only easy on the eyes but also very durable. Patterns from Vicky Myers Collections

#4 Easy Double Four Patch Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

This stunning rag quilt is made by alternating between a bunch of simple four-patch quilt blocks and plain squares of fabrics. This pattern is easily adaptable and creates entirely distinct looks by opting for a different selection of fabrics. This pattern is a great choice for beginners looking to start their first rag quilt as it doesn’t require you to sew perfect seams. Patterns from The Spruce Crafts

More Quilting Patterns

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#5 Frayed Flannel Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Life Sew Savory

I love the perfection that comes with embracing imperfections. Seeing this pattern, I’m all stoked to get my hands on around 4 yards of some yummy fabric, and put together this classy, flannel baby blanket. This rag quilt is incredibly easy to make, and as long as you can sew a straight line you can make one of these. If you are interested in trying out this pattern, you can benefit from the photo and video tutorial that has step-by-step instructions as well as the design and fabric dimensions included in it. Patterns from Life Sew Savory

#6 Easy Blue Jeans Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 6Rag Quilt Patterns 6Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise

Can’t seem to gather up the courage to throw away your favorite yet worn-out pair of old jeans? You can learn to make an easy blue jean rag quilt with this tutorial that will teach you how to cut, design, and assemble your own denim rag quilt with your old blue jeans. Once you grasp the idea of creating a rag quilt, you will find the process quick and easy to follow. You can make this quilt seem a lot more put together by adding the lattice and borders. Patterns from Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise

#7 It’s Fall Y’all Scrappy Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 7Rag Quilt Patterns 7Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from A Vision to Remember

Welcome the Autumn season with this Autumn-special Scrappy Rag Quilt Pattern made from warm and wonderfully cozy fabrics. This will make a great throw for your couch; perfect for snuggling in and watching your favorite TV show. With just an evening or two to spare and several yards of your favorite fabric, you will have this delightful rag quilt ready. Patterns from A Vision to Remember

#8 Rag Quilt – Chevron Style

Rag Quilt Patterns 8Rag Quilt Patterns 8Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Hope Corner Farm

Much as I would love to try this pattern out for myself, I would love it, even more, to be on the receiving end of this cutie. This quilt pattern requires you to sew in corner-to-corner construction. This means that you will start this quilt at one corner with the rows growing bigger until you reach the middle of the quilt from where the blocks decrease in size until they reach the other corner. That said, it’s a beautiful pattern that would go great with all sorts of interior choices. Patterns from Hope Corner Farm

#9 Heirloom Piece Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Happiest Camper

Start out the Heirloom Piece as a random project or pre-planned with a careful selection of fabric pieces. Either way, this quilt is a great place to start experimenting with rag quilts. It will let you ease into the process while still allowing you to feel accomplished. Patterns from Happiest Camper

#10 T-Shirt Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 10Rag Quilt Patterns 10Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Sweet Tea in the South

Do you have a collection of T-shirts that are too worn out to be kept as wearables, yet too precious for you to part with? You need to take that stash out and transform them into a usable rag quilt with this amazing free pattern. That way, you will always have bits of your favorites to cherish and use at the same time. Doesn’t that sound good?! Patterns from Sweet Tea in the South

#11 Easiest Ever Rag Quilt

DIY Rag QuiltsDIY Rag QuiltsPin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Alanda Craft

Make a quilt that’s easy to construct and looks really good too. Choose some pretty patterned fabrics that contrast well yet look good put together. To achieve the ragged edges effect, you will start off with cutting every seam and all the way around the edges of the quilt and tossing it into the washing machine. Once the quilt has been washed, let it go through the and spin cycle and into the dryer. Voila, you will have a quirky and raw rag quilt ready. Patterns from Alanda Craft

#12 DIY Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 12Rag Quilt Patterns 12Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Coral and Co.

The DIY Rag quilt is for those looking for a quick quilt project. It has super simple and really fast construction. This pattern has instructions for a baby-sized quilt that measures 35×26 inches, however, you can recreate it in a bigger size by adding more squares. It’s really that simple. Patterns from Coral and Co.

#13 Flannel Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 13Rag Quilt Patterns 13Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from So Sew Easy

The Flannel Rag Quilt requires you to get a combination of 4 to 5 different contrasting colors and a mix of solid and printed fabrics. The finished product is a complete marvel and you are bound to impress your tribe with your skills once they see this Patterns from So Sew Easy

#14 Raw-Edge Layer Cake Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Patterns 14Rag Quilt Patterns 14Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from Bloom Australia

Want to learn how to save time yet still make a family-sized quilt? Try out the Raw-Edge Layer Cake Rag Quilt. For this delightful pattern, you can use scrappy quilt leftovers or layer cakes and assemble this easy peasy rag quilt in lesser time than you might be expecting. This pattern will help you produce the soft and cozy ragged results that everyone adores about these quilts. Use this quilt to snuggle up in front of the TV or simply on a couch and enjoy game night with your family. Patterns from Bloom Australia

#15 Ruffled Flower Rag Quilt

Pin Free Rag Quilt Patterns from A Vision to Remember

Ah-amazing! A rag quilt this adorable deserves to be bookmarked and make it to your must-try projects list. You will be amazed to learn just how easy making this gorgeous Ruffled Rag Quilt is. This stunning free rag quilt pattern features pretty flowers that will bloom for years to come. You can welcome spring by sewing up this beauty and using it as a couch throw or a wall hanging. Your guests will be buzzing about the tales of your quilt-making skills and you might find yourself surrounded by a lot of requests. Patterns from A Vision to Remember

Quilt Patterns – In Conclusion

If you appreciate raw and artsy edges over perfectly finished and hidden seams, then you will find the rag quilts to be total charmers. Use these as lap throws or bed quilts and complete the look with some warm and cozy lighting. Rag quilts make great decorative pieces and are tastefully raw. Get stitching now and make what truly seems like your style (pun intended).

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