Pink Women’s Cowboy Boots – 2010 Top Sellers

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What could possibly be more feminine and eye-catching than a gorgeous pair of pink women’s cowboy boots? With their current level of popularity, more and more boot makers are catching on and providing women with some beautiful styles – and at times even some outrageous looks!

For those of you shopping for women’s western boots in pink, here are a few of the top sellers this year:

Old Gringo Women’s Boots in Pink – Old Gringo takes a distinct western look and combines it with some gorgeous intricate designs, and adds a vintage touch as well. Some of the boots available this year from Old Gringo in pink include the Dina, Aza, Nevada 10, Villa and the Leopardito 8 (ankle boot style). Each and every one of these is simply gorgeous, and will definitely serve to set a woman apart in any crowd.

Lucchese Women’s Boots in Pink – Here is a classic and authentic western style of boots, this year with more available styles in the color pink. Two of the names to look for in this line include the N4536 and the 1883 by Lucchese style which can be found in a lovely rose pattern on the boot shaft.

Ariat Women’s Boots in Pink – Over the past couple of years, Ariat has been a favorite for a “cute” look with styles such as the Fatbaby, the Showbaby and the Probaby. None of these boots come in a solid pink, but rather have pink leather layering on the foot and shaft areas. All of them are truly cute and are a good choice for a lady who likes a rather fun and funky look.

Of course there are other brands and looks available when it comes to pink women’s cowboy boots, but if you are searching for something that stands apart from the rest in terms of quality and style, one of the boots above should serve quite nicely.

write by Terry Apfel

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