Persistence, Not Perfection Leads to Success

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One of the questions people often ask is “What is the secret of success, I mean what is the real secret?” It seems as though most people who are not successful believe that there is a secret. But if you ask most successful people they will tell you there is no secret, there is only the satisfying reward that comes from hard work.

Reflecting on the success of people both online and offline there is a difference between those who are successful and those who are doomed to a life of struggle. This difference has nothing to do with their family name, what neighborhood they grew up in or what school they attended. The difference is called persistence.

The question that people who struggle should ask is “Do I really want to be successful?”

Only you can answer this most fundamental question. Only you can decide that you will do whatever it takes to be successful. Only you can decide that you will be successful. Only you can decide how important it is to be finally live the life of your dreams.

Every person I have ever met who is living the life they dreamed about as a child, or as an adult before they “stumbled” upon the secrets to success, failed before they succeeded. Some became very successful and then lost it all and had to start over again.

This article is the second in a series, if you haven’t read the first (which is titled “Wait, Don’t Do It…”) I’ll spend a couple of paragraphs recapping that article…Belief comes before success.

No more B.S., here is your starting point…Success in every area of life begins in your mind and is called belief. Only when you are completely convinced (that’s what belief is) that you will be successful will success be yours.

All, let me repeat that, ALL successful people believe that they will be successful. They have no doubt in their mind, they do not believe that they are entitled to success, they know they must earn it. They do not believe that success is only for them, they believe that success is available for everyone. They do not believe that they will necessarily be immediately successful or that they have a “Midas touch”. They know that there will be failures along the way, that’s simply part of the journey.

It is amazing the number of people who will not accept this fundamental truth about success. They think that once they have a little bit of success they will believe they can have more success until one day they are living the life of their dreams. That’s not how success works, it’s like faith in God, you don’t get to heaven then begin believing in God, you believe in God then you get to heaven. It’s not one of those “Which came first, the chicken or the egg mysteries.” Belief comes first. Period.

Great, you are a believer in your success, congratulations! Welcome to the top 3% of people in the world.

Let me warn you, somewhere in your journey you will fail, maybe multiple times because you probably don’t know everything about internet marketing yet. The key is how you react to failure. One reaction is to run to the next “hot” opportunity that guarantees that you will be successful. If that is your reaction, you better have some good running shoes because you will do a lot of running during your lifetime.

Another reaction you might have is to learn what you did wrong that caused the failure and learn how to do it right and keep heading toward your dreams. This is what successful people do, where did I screw up, get some additional knowledge and proceed. That’s success.

A different reaction is to call a mentor, explain what happened and get some invaluable advice and continue on your journey. Whether you get education on your own or call a mentor is your choice, the choice you can’t make is to “cut and run.” Deal with what went wrong.

Many successful people achieved their dream lifestyle only to lose everything and have to start over. The important thing is to start over if you lose everything, it means you did not have a good grasp on how to control money. If that happens, learn about how to control money as you are achieving success a second, or maybe, a third time.

As you journey on the road to success be a realist, don’t try to be perfect and never fail because that will paralyze you into never doing anything. Take action. Keep taking action. Take more action. Enjoy the journey…Enjoy your success.

write by Fidelia

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