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Pataugas Shoes had a modest beginning in the 1950’s in the Basque town of Mauleon Soule, when a Dutch outdoor sportsman was having trouble with the hiking boots which were available at that time and decided to create his own by using an innovative process, passing the sole through the gas oven and then imprinting it into the shoe outline. This made for an ultra comfortable sole that every sportsman would love to have on his feet. If you are a hiker you want the most comfortable shoes while you are walking for hours communing with nature. They also need to be durable to cope with some of the tough terrains.

Since their humble beginning Pataugas shoes have branched out to encompass not only the practical outdoor boots that were originally so beloved of the hiking set but are now sought after as a trendy fashionable urban shoe. Pataugas Shoes are the “hot” fashion item of the moment that every fashion diva wants to wear.

Pataugas Shoes have already taken Paris and New York by storm and the rest of the world will surely follow. The cutting edge Pataugas boots are popular with those following the high tops craze but their simple dressy men’s shoes and ladies ballet pumps, which are effortlessly stylish, are catching the eye of fashion lovers everywhere.

Since the days when the brand started out as an outdoor shoe company they have grown to combine that outdoor feel with and urban street vibe. It is important to remember that although Pataugas Shoes and boots are now in favour as a trendy fashion accessory they still have that original thick soft sole which is created using the procedure which gave the brand its name. The company is also careful to execute an eco-friendly approach of using plant tanning instead of chrome tanned leather that pollutes lakes and rivers.

These days the original inspiration for the comfortable hiking boot is still evident but with a modern chic twist which is finding followers among the fashionistas of the world. There is now a wide range of styles to choose from, among them are vinyl and patent leather styles designed by the likes of Jean Paul Gautier. The famed designer has teamed up with Pataugas Shoes to create three pairs of trendy sneaker trainers. With designers of this quality involved these shoes are not to be ignored.

As well as the new trendy varieties you can still get hiking boots that are durable enough to withstand abuse on any nature trail. These boots are extremely popular among the camping set, mountaineers and other outdoor adventurers who like to know they can walk for miles without being plagued by blisters, corns or any other foot complaints that result from less comfortable shoes.

Experience the feel of these shoes for yourself. Whether you are the outdoorsy, adventurous type or more of an urban fashion lover, you will be delighted by the design and comfort of a pair of Pataugas shoes or boots.

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