Opinion About Daily Living – MONDAY – ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF THE WEEK, Unless You Are on Vacation!

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***Monday can easily be considered my favorite day of the week. Maybe you might disagree, though of this I am sure, weekends are very busy and need a lot of time and attention with little time to relax and unwind from the stress of a busy work week.

On Monday, you get to leave your home and go to work, putting your household and chores on hold, until you return home from work, and then cycle starts all over again!


I am not sure if you agree with me again, regarding my personal assessment, though I know that I am speaking from years of analyzing my favorite day of the week and Friday was a top contender, until I remembered that I was too tired to do anything productive. I usually went to bed at 8:00 PM and then the day and even the night was over. My only recourse after Friday ended was looking forward to the weekend.

After a weekend of running around and getting ready for the workweek, I found myself exhausted. Monday started looking very appealing, where things are comfortable and slightly predictable, not to mention; A constructive application of focused time and attention, in the knowledge, by the self-systematic way of focusing your mind on production, by producing work or effort for a business or company, most likely, not a company of your own ownership or making. Usually, when you work for a company, you get to take a break, or at least you can find the time to unwind and converse with co-workers, then, get back to work again after a well deserved break you return with focus, feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to return to the stage of production and produce your lessons or to attend to your clients or patients, or to sell your service, product or business. When you leave your home to go to work, if there are co-workers, there is socialization and great conversation encouraging you to learn from the perspective of other people. Using different skills, at work, than you use at home is really valuable. Whether typing or writing, talking or teaching, working is exciting and a great way to expand your mind! Utilizing skills that you can’t use at home is healthy and beneficial! To be at work on Mondays is usually such a nice transition from the weekend, you hardly notice the time, it goes by so fast! It’s so motivating to get dressed and ready for work, getting groomed and perfumed with nice clothes, and great heels to wear is really a hoot! Shopping on the weekends for a great purse or shoes is always thrilling, especially knowing that you have a place to be on Monday!

Great bosses and co-workers have the same mundane life challenges and struggles as you and me and we collectively, are all responsible for striking a balance between home and work life. I enjoy leaving my home, to go to work, as much as I enjoy my home life and I feel that both lives are important for me to feel balanced and happy. Weekends, at home, are just as much work, if not more, than a full-time job. It is a good idea to lighten the load before the weekend begins. I do three loads of laundry and dry and fold on Thursdays before the weekend begins.

Weekends, at home, are not relaxing. While working at home for ourselves, weekends are not as liberating or relaxing as we would like them to be. There are many errands and chores that you must complete, and let’s face facts, nobody can run your household like you. I get really stressed knowing that the weekend is coming and my to-do list is getting longer, there is yard work, deep cleaning, major grocery shopping, or waiting for the roofer, plumber or worse, waiting, at home, between the hours of 8:00 am -5:00 PM for the cable guy to arrive.

I Like to take a rest from the weekend and get back to the business of life; Unless of course, I am on vacation.

All in all, Monday is one of the best days of the week to escape the business of the weekend, unless of course, you’re on A REAL VACATION, that’s the one exclusion where the weekend break isn’t as exhausting and when the real weekend begins! A true weekend lasts longer than 2 days of downtime. *** In Europe weekends begin slightly after midday Thursday or Friday and** vacations are no less than a month in length.

Unless it’s a Monday, where things slowly go back to normal, the only real relaxing time to ease into a new activity is when you are on vacation. The focus and the intention changes on vacation, and I get out of my normal week or weekend routine and actually get to focus on doing a myriad of out-of-the-ordinary things with my family!

Lord knows that my sweetheart and I enjoy our vacations;

* Where somebody else cooks for me.

* I get to sit down and, eat a meal, like a real person.

* Enjoy my husband’s company longer than the amount of time it takes for us to sit and eat; actually eating and enjoying a meal and not gulping down our dinner, in front of the t.v, almost as if done in duty.

* Converse a bit, sometimes about silly things, trivialities, aspirations and dreams.

* Pause a bit to digest our meal, before we have to clean the counter, dry the dishes, sweep and mop the floors etc., (YOU GET THE PICTURE- loud and clear, I’m sure)!

Can you tell that my sweetheart and I need a vacation to get back to the much-deserved pleasure and pampering of ourselves to spend a little more relaxed quality time with each other that our daily or weekend pattern permits?

Getting out of the rat-race of life and switching our focus from saving money, paying utility bills, meeting due dates and paying off our debts to enjoying the sun and ocean breezes that we so dearly enjoy. We relish getting closer to the beauty of the outdoors and the peace and ease of nature and the elements. A wonderful ocean swim, a relaxing mountain hike, watching the sun set are all beautiful and natural forms of entertainment.

Nature is an underrated place; touching your skin and face; capturing a serene moment, in a livelier way than it takes to gulp down dinner and do our chores. I hope that Mondays are happy days for you and that you can enjoy your weekend knowing that Monday will soon come around again! Take a break from your life routine and enjoy a nice vacation this year!

Vacations can give you that mental break that allows you to re-channel your focus on the joyful, fun energy that’s like a child’s playground; escape for a few days or a few weeks; whatever your focus, intention or ability. I wish you a great vacation this year!!

write by thomas

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