Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid-Tie Dye

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The Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid – Tie Dye is one of the most notable members of the rather extensive Nike ‘Mid’ dunks family. This is a family it shares alongside the likes of Nike Dunk SB Mid Premium Navy White, the Nike SB Mid Premium Television, the Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB Griptape and the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro Sea Crystal. Of all the items on the ‘mid-size’ Nike dunks I have gotten to use over the years – and these are quite a number – I have to confess that it is the Nike Pro SB Mid – Tie Dye (which I only got to use recently), that I have gotten most enchanted with.

As its name suggests, Nike SB Mid – Tie Dye is one unapologetically colorful shoe, one on which almost all colors of the rainbow make an appearance. Looking at my particular pair, I can identify more than 7 different colors. On the bottom part of the sole, the part that is in contact with the ground for instance, there is yellow – a light hue of it. On the upper part of the sole, where the sole gets connected to the rest of the shoe, there is white – which later makes an appearance on the front region of the shoe adjacent to its tongue, and on its (original) shoelaces. Then there is black, on the front part of the shoe, especially on the patch that connects the different parts that make up the shoe’s upper body. Yellow, this time a darker hue, shows up on the flap that is provided to supplement the shoe-lace as a mechanism for securing the shoe on the foot. Red is the color Nike uses for its trademark ‘tick’ on the Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid – Tie Dye, with green making a showing at the very back of the shoe; where the tie and dye affair is most clearly manifest.

In terms of height, Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid – Tie Dye is quite a short shoe, one which more strictly speaking, would be classified as belonging to the Nike ‘Low’ dunks family. The rise in its gradient is gradual (and modest), starting from the front section of the shoe where the toes go in, and peaking towards the middle section of the shoe, so that (like all Dunks), it gets to its highest at the ‘tip of the tongue’ where the shoe’s upper body meets its wearer’s foot-trunk.

As alluded to earlier, for a tying mechanism, Nike use a combination of the traditional shoelace and a flap mechanism; which seems to be its preferred combination of securing mechanisms in all its modern dunks. The securing flap, of course, in addition to its primary role of keeping the shoe in place also serves the role of adding to colorfulness in this particular pair.

All said and done, Nike Pro SB Mid – Tie Dye comes across as a particularly ideal shoe; especially for casual use.

write by Aidan

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