Mother of the Bride Outfits at the Royal Wedding

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Searching for Mother of the Bride outfits this year one might turn to none other than the Royal wedding for ideas and inspiration. Carole Middleton has certainly done the Royal family proud with her choice of outfit for her daughter’s wedding and designed by none other than one of Princess Diana’s favourite designers, Catherine Walker. One has to wonder what Diana may have worn had she been present and I guess this outfit is at least a tiny glimpse into what might have been.

The pale blue shift dress and classic coat with matching satin piping is something that will look good on any Mother of the bride or groom. In the classic tea length style, just below the knee, the choice of shoes is ever more important as they are clearly visible and accentuate the shape of the legs nicely too. Carole Middleton’s choice of shoes in a non matching colour accentuate her outfit beautifully, as does the simple pendant she wore around her neck. A perfect example that in fashion, less is often more.

Hats are always in at formal weddings, but are never out of place even at more casual affairs. This is your time to shine and the bride’s mother looks stunningly elegant wearing a hat in photos. You will want to stand out from the crowd and this classic hat by milliner Jane Corbett certainly achieves that in the Royal wedding photos.

Depending on your own personal style you may be more inclined to take your inspiration from one of the other leading ladies as to what to wear for your Mother of the Bride outfits. The Queen Mother certainly looked wonderful in her primrose yellow dress and tailored coat. Accessorized elegantly with pearl necklace and matching white gloves, handbag and light shoes. Her hat finishes it all off perfectly. This look could certainly be passed off with an air of grace by a much younger woman.

Now for Camilla! What Camilla wore to the Royal wedding was arguably stylish and elegant. Her popularity, or lack of shall we say, is what takes away from what is in fact a great choice of outfit for the wedding. Perhaps more smiles would lend a little more spice to her ensemble, but here is another great idea to choose from. I especially like her choice of colour, champagne is always an elegant colour for weddings. Her champagne silk dress and hand-embroidered duck egg blue and champagne coat are yet another great example of a classic wedding outfit that will be sure to turn heads. Personally, I would skip the duck egg blue part of it, I think just champagne would have been sufficient. The hat is possibly a little over the top, and perhaps more suited to a slimmer figure, but definitely remember that the most important thing you will wear, is your smile!

write by Cruz Ortega

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