Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes Are the Hit of 2009

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It only happens once a year but children and adults sometimes give more thought into their Halloween costumes than they do shopping for Christmas presents. Yes, Halloween is not just for kids anymore. The Halloween industry has exceeded $5 billion a year with a combination of costumes, candy, pumpkins, greeting cards, movies, parties, restaurants and on and on. Each one is fighting to bring in their share of the Halloween money. Adults look forward to weekend parties and bars that host best costume competitions. So, what might win the best costume this year?

We know that we will inevitably see our fair share of clowns, ghosts, angels, vampires, Chucky, and Obama’s but the sure bet for 2009 will be the Michael Jackson Halloween costume. Michael Jackson’s untimely death took a toll on us and reminded a few of us of the good times in our youth. Its time to re-live that youth. Adults and children alike can share together in the music and Thriller look. With any luck a few will show off some trademark dance moves. Can anyone say moonwalk?

For those younger folks out there who may not know what we are talking about or for those who have been living in a cave for the past two months, just take one look at Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Although this video hit the market in 1983, the song, choreography, and dance moves were a site to be seen as much then as it is now. Yes, the king of pop will live on again with tens of thousands taking to the streets this Halloween, all dressed in red with a sequin glove, aviator sunglasses, black hat, black shoes, wig, and mask.

Rest assured, the 2009 Halloween season will see its fair share of Michael Jackson Thriller Halloween costumes as well as Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and maybe your occasional zombie or two. I for one will have a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes when I open that door to see the first little 8 year old kid paying his respects to Michael Jackson

Happy Halloween!

write by Griffith

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