Mens Boat Shoes – A Blend Of Style, Comfort, And Utility

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Mens boat shoes are the last word in fashion, comfort and utility. The shoes were originally designed for activity on slippery boat decks. The first company to manufacture and commercialise the boat shoes was Sperry Shoe Company, and there is a very interesting story behind the conceptualisation of the shoe and its mastermind Mr. Paul Sperry. Legend has it that Paul Sperry was looking for a pair of shoes that would give him solid grip on the slippery-wet painted wooden decks of his boat. After a long and extended search he couldn’t find one and immediately decided to put his experience in making shoes to use by designing a shoe that serves his purpose. While he was at it Sperry noticed one day that his cocker spaniel could run on ice without much effort. He immediately replicated the design on the paw of his cocker spaniel on to that of the shoe, and etched his name in history by creating the ever-popular and extremely useful deck shoes.

These mens boat shoes from the Sperry Shoe Company as well as the other models that have now become popular are one of the most admired designs in footwear around the world. The shoes carry the look and feel of an active wear and allow the person wearing it to achieve the look of a relaxed but self-assured man. The great part about these shoes is that they are multi-purpose; they can be worn to achieve grip on wet or dry surfaces or they can be worn to a variety of social gatherings where the dress code is not formal. The shoes are perfect for wearing to barbeques or beach parties.

These mens boat shoes follow the traditional American moccasins in their simple design and are mostly made from a single piece of leather that is stitched on the upper side of the shoe over a rubber sole. The leather used for these shoes are persistently and thoroughly treated with oil to give them a soft, glistening and water repellent surface. Most of these shoes come in a combination of two or often three tones of colours like black, red, brown, tan, beige, etc. Of course the market is now flooded with variations of mens boat shoes that are made of canvas and often also a combination of leather and canvas. Traditionally, these shoes feature hand-stitched seams, laces that are made of rawhide, and six lace holes made of brass. However, the market also sells slip-on deck shoes that vary significantly from the traditional laced designs.

The way these shoes have been designed they can be practically worn with anything that is not entirely formal. Jeans and shorts go really well with mens boat shoes and can be accompanied with polo shirts, t-shirts, vests, or even shirts casual or formal. There are no hard and fast rules about wearing socks with these shoes, however, it is suggested that these shoes be worn without socks they look trendy that way. Of course, that way the feet have to be treated with medicated sprays every time. Also, the shoes need to be washed every now and then, and because they are water resistant doing this can be a matter of wearing them to the sea or a pool.

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