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A number of parents buy Mary Jane shoes for their children. The most recent styles remain appropriate for kids; however, a number of the modern designs of Mary Jane shoes are also appropriate for adults. Casual versions as well as formal styles are available for grownups.

The days of squeaky shoes for toddlers and kids are long gone. Thanks to fashionable mothers, designers and manufacturers have recognized that there is a vibrant market for comfortable, good quality and up-to-the-minute shoes for kids. Babies with celebrity parents have been photographed sporting fashionable and chic footwear to the one that their mommies wear.

A number of Mary Jane shoes designs are intended for more dressy occasions. The company has created footwear with heels that are three inches in height. The stylish features on these shoes, including rhinestone shoes, enable them to be paired with elegant clothing for a wonderful time out on the town. This footwear can also be worn with a stylish pantsuit and they will add flair and style to your best pair of jeans. A diverse collection of footwear has been developed by Mary Jane shoes that will go well with any style, from dressy to casual and everywhere in between.

These celebrity babies and moms have without a doubt acted as inspiration to fashion designers who have confidently churned out chic Mary Jane shoes for kids. Inspired by this, this article will highlight below the findings from websites and fashion magazines that we have come across in our quest to locate rhinestone shoes for the young fashion aficionados:

1. Kids Darlen Flats By Steve Madden

It is easy to see a number of celebrity babies wearing this pair from Steve Madden with sophistication and ease. The shade of pewter metallic is adaptable and these rhinestone shoes provide it a hint of class without being overly grown-up looking.

2. Kids Zafrino Flats By Enzo

This attractive pair from Enzo has its sole made out of rubber and its upper is made out of leather. These rhinestone shoes provide elements of a great footwear for children. The embellishment in crystal is a plus. It is also available in metallic silver.

3. Kids Sunny Mary Janes By Michael Kors

These rhinestone shoes manage to be sporty and sparkly all at the same time. They even have a strap made out of elastic in order to secure the fit. The drawback is, this pair of shoes is not constructed out of leather so it may be a bit hard on those precious little feet.

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