Make A Head Turning Statement With Wellies Boots

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If you ask any fashionista what is the most important fashion accessory they will surely tell you that footwear must be on the top of the priority list. And for this reason, having some Wellies boots in your closet is a must.

Now don’t think that choosing Wellington boots means you need to compromise on the style. If you are under this impression, then come out of it! Gone are those days when you had to choose footwear from grizzly green or boring black colour. Wellies boots now come in wild variety of styles, colours and design.

Last year several fashion designers featured Wellington boots in their footwear collections. The boots are stunning and are sure to catch the eyes of fashionable men and women. These boots can be teamed up with any kind of outfit. By wearing the right kind of Wellington boot with your outfit, you can make a heard turning and positive statement about your persona this year.

Wellies boots were initially introduced as just a simple modification to Hessain boots. The marvelous idea of Duke of Wellington and the craftsmanship of his cobbler resulted in Wellington boots. After turning out to be victorious in Waterloo battle, the Duke dictated his cobbler to manufacture a black leather boot, which is to be without any ornamental stitch. It is since those days that the Wellington boots became popular. These boots were able to bring a new genre of shoes in the market. The Wellies were initially popular with the farmers and miners because the boots design were meant for people characterized by hard work and perseverance. With time passing by, the shoes underwent modifications finally emerging as popular fashionable footwear.

Wellies boots till the 1850s were usually made from cotton leather that are used in manufacturing normal boots. After few years, the US entrepreneur, Henry Lee Norris started manufacturing shoes using vulcanised rubber. When shifting to London, Henry planned to start his own company where he started to manufacture Wellington boots with bit modification from the original ones. He named his company as North British Rubber Company, which after changing multiple hands is now popularly called Hunter Boot Limited and the boots that are manufactured by them are popularly known as Hunter boots or Hunter Wellies.

The company initially focused on men’s footwear but with the increasing demand of Wellies in the market, the manufacturers even started to design and manufacture shoes for women too. Nowadays they have started manufacturing women’s Wellington boots as well and they are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Not only are the boots stylish, they are comfortable and durable as well. There are in fact many reasons why women prefer wearing Wellington boots. When it comes to the choice of footwear, women love wearing shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable and durable. Since footwear is one of the most important fashion accessories so women love wearing plain yet traditionally designed boots. From commoners to celebrities, all women wear boots. Teaming up these boots with stylish apparel makes one look stunning.

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