Lucky Brand Tall Boots For Women

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Many women who have been looking for “the perfect” tall style boot might now turn to Lucky Brand Tall Boots to fill their needs.  These boots seem to be a combination of styles that are already quite popular with some unique and very stylish twists.

Here is a lineup of some of the tall styles of boots for women from Lucky Brand this year:

Gwen – This is the “tallest of the tall” boots.  It is actually an over-the-knee style with soft and supple layered leather.  The boot can be either worn all the way up with the knee covered or cuffed over for a bit of a shorter style.

Hilary – This boot is actually available in two heights – tall and mid-calf.  The tall version is a just below the knee height with a slouchy look and feel.  This boot is constructed from suede and has layered straps around the ankle portion of the boot.  Simply gorgeous, and my own personal favorite.

Addison – The Addison boot is also constructed from lovely soft suede, but is simpler in style than many of the other boots in the collection.  Long and sleek is the basic look, available in a few warm and earthy shades.

Angel – The Angel boot is made from smooth leather that has a bit of a distressed appearance.  It comes up to just below the knee, has a rounded toe and is equipped with straps and buckles around both the ankle and top of the boot shaft for adjustment and great fit – not to mention some added flair.

There are a number of other styles to choose from among the collection of Lucky Brand Tall Boots for women, but the above boots seem to be the ones with the most popular looks these days for women, and are nothing short of gorgeous.

write by Layla Perry

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