Lawn Aerators – How to Choose the Best One

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There are so many different types of lawn aerators that getting the right one for your lawn can seen to be a little daunting. Hence it is important to educate yourself with the various types of aerators that are available in the market today and the use and purpose of each type.

Aeration is a process that is done for better utilization of the fertilizers and manure by the roots of the grass; it also enables air, sunlight and water to reach the depths of the soil than being wasted on the surface. Only if the roots grow well and are thick will your lawn grass look plush, vibrant and green. Less exposure to atmosphere and lack of proper nutrition makes the grass more vulnerable to attack by insects, pests, as well as the weed menace.

Spike lawn aerators are the most easily available ones both online as well as in department or hardware stores. This is no equipment or machine but rather a pair of boots which are fitted with strange looking spikes at the sole. You need to walk around the lawn wearing these heavy boots which in turn will spike the soil loosening it up. The advantage of the spike aerator is that it is inexpensive and easy to use apart from wearing the heavy boots. But these aerators are not very effective in its job as they only create spikes and do not core the soil as with other types. It is fine to use these for small patches of grass but is not recommended for large lawns or where heavy growth is required like in a stadium or park.

Plug lawn aerators are the other type which is available in both manual and power versions. This equipment is great for aeration purposes as it makes cores or pulls out plugs of soil thus letting air, water and the nutrients to enter the depths of the soil. This is also the best machine to use if you have a serious thatch problem. Manual aerators are less expensive than the powered ones though most people tend to rent these equipments than purchase one especially for household uses. Core aerators are an absolute must for large lawns, parks and fields where the growth is expected to be plush and thick.

The core or plug lawn aerators have two to four hollow cylinders attached at the base which helps to core or pull out plugs or hollows of soil as you push the machine around. The manual ones are heavy and the process can get a little labor intensive while the powered ones are easier to use.

There are also liquid lawn aerators which makes use of polymer based liquids to aerate and dethatch the lawn. These are also beneficial but not as much as the plug aerators and are costlier too. But the liquid aerators are used frequently for large areas like parks and fields as it also helps to condition the lawn grass making it plush and green.

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