Kate Spade – 10 Fun Facts About Her

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You mention “Kate Spade” and visions of designer handbags instantly come to mind; however, she has broadened her horizons once again to now include designer style Kindle Covers. No more “nerdy”, plain, unattractive covers for Amazons newest generation e-reader. Now it’s style all the way with the Kate Spade Kindle Covers.

This isn’t the first time Kate has expanded her horizons. Starting out designing handbags based on the simple fact that she couldn’t find what SHE wanted when she shopped, she took her designing abilities long strides since those beginning days and has created quite the designer empire. While her newest product line may be the versatile Kindle covers, she has everything from handbags to jewelry, perfumes to bedding and everything in between. But she doesn’t do it alone…from the very beginning she’s held tight to her man and he’s played an important part in her life as both business and life partner.

So who is Kate Spade? Here are 10 Fun Facts

Kate Spade was born Christmas eve in 1962 as Katherine Noel Brosnahan in Kansas City, MO.

Kate Spade has been in business with her husband, Andy Spade, since January of 1993 when she decided to design sleek, utilitarian handbags she had been searching for to buy for herself for years.

Kate’s brother-in-law is the one and only comedian, David Spade – hmmm, wonder if THAT’S why her handbags are often spotted on the David Spade comedy series “Just Shoot Me”?

Kate was a former accessories editor/senior editor of accessories at Mademoiselle Magazine from 1986 to 1991.

The Kate Spade Company prides itself with “utility, wit and playful sophistication” as hallmarks of their style and creates handbags, stationery, home products, shoes, perfume and more (including the newest Kindle 6″ covers)!

Kate’s husband is the main man in charge of the “Men’s Line” of complimentary items. The men’s line is called ‘Jack Spade’ – a fictional name and compliments many of the items available in her line.

In 2007 the company was acquired by design powerhouse Liz Claiborne, becoming an American Icon with a strong backing of an established company; while using their core values and exclusive styles

Kate Spade Kindle Covers are designed with a touch of “playful sophistication” in mind… focusing, as always on color and design they also honor some of the great classics like “The Great Gatsby” and “Great Expectations”. But what makes them truly unique is the fact that they are built for protection of your Newest Generation 6″ style Kindle with knapsack like features, a strong locking mechanism that holds the Kindle in snug without fear of dropping out and includes a storage pocket. The covers are much like the rest of her line of goods, completely usable, sturdy and serve a purpose while looking designer fantastic!

She has a strong voice for women and her company has taken part in an organization called ‘Women for Women International’. The organization speaks out and helps organize women in need from many countries such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Rwanda and more to encompass women’s talents with the abilities of large corporations such as Kate Spade NYC to create a better life for women in these countries. By utilizing their talents and employing them in their countries, they can sustain a livelihood. In the end Kate Spade NYC provides a market for the goods and talents of the women in countries with deplorable conditions.

The couple had a daughter in 2005, Frances Beatrix Spade which is the apple of their eye. I wonder if she will be the inspiration of a new “Children’s Line” to compliment the already beloved Kate Spade styles?

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