Karhu Fast 2 Fulcrum Ride

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Natural movement is the foundation on which the running shoe is designed and Karhu shoes profess to increase the forward momentum, stability and efficiency during high-mileage use. Proving the effectiveness is attempted in this article by going into the technology which is used in the design of Karhu shoes.

The sole unit is designed purely for the extreme comfort of runners and promises to alleviate any jarring impact which may be present upon foot strike, which occurs during running with most shoes. The sole consists of a hard packed cushion which is sandwiched between a double layer of pillow-like substance which is incredibly soft and comfortable. It fits perfectly to the foot and the extreme softness of the outer layers is for ultimate comfort.

Karhu introduced the newly patented Fulcrum technology, which is designed for the prevention of vertical oscillation during running. This unique design allows for the forward momentum which they promise and less energy will be used by runners to move forward. The up and down movement is eliminated which occurs during running by a plastic plate which is inserted in the shoe’s sole underneath the mid-foot. The plate allows for the smooth transition during the take-off phase, almost acting like a lever.

The extreme durability of the cushion of the Karhu Fast 2 Fulcrum Ride enables the shoe to show no sign of wear and tear on the sole even after being used for a hundred miles on a dirt road. The shoe will be able to last over 400 miles and still be usable to its owner. The only negative view of the shoe is the height of the sole as it is very thick and runner’s feet are rather far from the ground. This however is a personal choice and many runners do not mind a very thick sole in exchange of the comfort they experience.

Firm mesh is used in the upper of the shoe and holds the foot tightly. They use asymmetrical, pre-molded fabric which perfectly fits a human foot. No matter of the speed a runner is doing, the foot will stay in place. Blisters are eliminated by the design that keeps the seams of the shoe away from the feet.

The fact that it is pre-molded makes the shoe very rigid and runners will find it difficult to get their foot into it, but it does loosen after a couple of miles. Another advantage of the shoe is the rear foot cup, which is seamless to hold the heel and Achilles comfortably in place.

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