Interesting Nail Fungus Home Remedies and Their Worth

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Nail fungus is indeed an unpleasant sight as well a painful condition especially for the worst cases. Fungal infection in toenails leads to discoloration and deformation of the nail, thus, it is harmful. Since fungal infection is contagious, it is imperative that cases like toenail fungal infection should be given immediate attention.

What causes fungal infection? There are many ways of acquiring fungal infection. One is when your feet is often damp with moisture clinging on it all the time instead of it being dry, wearing tightly-fitting shoes, and abnormal skin pH.

You will never know when you will get a fungal infection; but if ever you do, all you have to do is look for these interesting substances right inside your home for remedies.

Let me tell you some of the things that said to cure nail fungus, but it’s effectivity is limited.

First up is Listerine Mouthwash. This is one of the most popular and interesting nail fungus home remedy. Soak the fungus infected toenail in Listerine. Listerine Mouthwash is a powerful tooth antiseptic; it has the same effect on fungus-infected toenail. The effectivity is limited because after a prolonged use, this will soften your nails and nail beds. Can be use for immediate relief, but not as a cure.

Another is Vicks Vaporub. A research conducted by clinicians of Michigan State University show that Vicks VapoRub is an effective remedy against toenail fungus, but it takes 5-16 months for the infection to clear up. But then again, it is much cheaper than fungal medications bought in drug stores. Vaporubs or medicated chest rubs mostly contain camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, as well as other essential oils that make this one good, relaxing nail fungus home remedy. With 5-16 months time to for treatment, it doesn’t guarantee infection relapse from dormant fungi lying under your nails. Overall, this can work, but it takes too long and doesn’t have any guarantee that it’s going to work all the way.

You can also look in your kitchen for apple cider vinegar, mix it with warm water and soak your fungus infected toenail in it for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wipe your foot thoroughly until it is completely dry; you can even use a hair dryer to make sure!

Of course, if you’re looking for a safe bet, you can use some of the over the counter drugs that work.

write by Charity Hawk

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