How to Wash Cashmere- Your Ultimate Guide

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If you want to know how to wash cashmere, you are in the right place. Even though this fabric can be high maintenance, it’s still worth in order to own a few pieces. Since cashmere is soft and luxurious, there is a need to clean, dry, and store it properly to keep its shape. Continue reading to know the whole process for how to wash cashmere. 

How to Wash CashmerePinHow to Wash Cashmere


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How to Wash Cashmere

Cashmere is a wool produced from the hair of a goat. It is commonly used for sweaters, coats, dresses and many other clothing items as well as blankets and homewares. Because of its high cost and propensity to pill and stretch out of shape, it is important to wash correctly.

What is Cashmere?What is Cashmere?Pin

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There are 2 main ways of washing cashmere – by hand or in the machine. Because cashmere is such a delicate fabric, the handwashing option should always be your first choice. Washing by hand prevents the fabric’s fibers from wearing thin or being stretched out. Nonetheless, you can machine wash if your machine is new and has a nice gentle, hand wash cycle.

How to Wash Cashmere Cautions

IMPORTANT – Before you decide between hand washing and machine washing, always check the care tag on the item for its laundry symbols. It may specify whether machine or hand washing is advised. If the care tag says to dry clean only then take it straight to your local cleaners. Do not attempt to wash it yourself.

Best Detergents for Washing Cashmere

For this process, you need to use the right type of soap. When choosing soap, pick one that has a low alkaline since it is less harsh on materials like cashmere. It is also recommended not to use your regular detergent as this works best for sturdier fabrics such as cotton and denim.

If you prefer to use detergent, make sure that it is safe and natural. Since cashmere is wool made from very fine fur, you need to wash it using a delicate detergent. You need to check that your detergent of choice is free from chemicals, dyes, sulfate, or fragrances to prevent ruining your cashmere.

How to Wash Cashmere by Hand

If you want to know how to wash cashmere the gentlest way, then it’s time to learn how to hand wash.

CONTAINER – First, you fill up a bucket, bin, or basin with enough water to submerge the fabric. Another way to wash cashmere is by using your sink. To avoid spilling or splashing, you can place the basin on a deep sink or bathtub. CAUTIONS – Make sure that the surface is smooth and free from anything that can snag or pull the fabric. WATER TEMPERATURE – Use cold water so that the fabric will not shrink or fade. Warm water is only okay if the tag indicates it is safe to do so. You should never use hot water regardless if you are handwashing or machine washing the fabric. SOAKING – To soak your cashmere, put a small amount of soap or detergent in a basin. Then, submerge the fabric and hold it until the fabric is completely wet. You can lightly agitate the fabric in the water and swirl. After that, allow it to sit and soak for abound 15 minutes. If you notice any soiled parts on your cashmere, pre-treat the area by applying mild soap or detergent on the area. RINSE – Fill a clean basin or sink with fresh and clean cold water to rinse the detergent. You just need to remember that water will make the fabric heavy so avoid wringing cashmere since it can be easily deformed or overstretched. REMOVE EXCESS WATER – To prevent stretching, gently squeeze large parts of the cashmere item between your hands. Use a patting motion with a dry towel to further remove excess water.

How to Wash Cashmere in the Machine

If you don’t want to wash your cashmere by hand, you can also place it in the machine. While it is okay to wash your cashmere items in a washing machine when the item`s care tag indicates, a lot of care should be taken. This is because the machine wash can stretch the fabric and will shorten its lifespan.

CAUTIONS – The trick here is to place the cashmere pieces in a zipped pillow protector or a net lingerie bag. This will protect your fabric so that it doesn’t get deformed in the spin cycle, tangled with other items, or get caught on the agitator. CYCLE – Also, it is advisable to choose the delicate cycle when you wash delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk, or cashmere. Choosing the delicate cycle will ensure that your luxurious pieces will not rip while inside the washing machine. ISOLATE – The other secret on how to wash cashmere by machine is to wash delicate cashmere pieces alone. This is important because it protects the cashmere from other rough fabrics that may damage it.WATER TEMPERATURE – Use cold water so that the fabric will not shrink or fade. Warm water is only okay if the tag indicates it is safe to do so. You should never use hot water regardless if you are handwashing or machine washing the fabric. 

Drying Cashmere

After learning how to wash cashmere, the next step is to dry your cashmere. When it comes to drying, it is important to avoid using a dryer. A dryer will not only shrink but also damage the fabric.

Delicate fabrics such as cashmere cannot withstand the warmth of a dryer even on a low setting. If you dry these fabrics in a dryer, they can shrink by as much as 50%. Aside from the high heat, the tumbling movement of dryers can damage the fiber of the fabric.

Because cashmere is known to retain water, it is recommended to set a dry towel down and place your cashmere to dry. If you have a mesh sweater rack, you can lay the cashmere pieces flat and let air circulate under the pieces. You also have to keep in mind not to hang dry cashmere. This is a bad idea because a heavy and wet cashmere fabric can stretch out. 

Another way to dry cashmere is to lay the fabric flat on a level surface or in an airing cupboard for 24 hours. You can also use a dry towel to roll the fabric if you hand wash it. This will allow your fabric to air dry and soak up any water.

How to Wash CashmereHow to Wash CashmerePinHow to Wash Cashmere

Ironing Cashmere

For the safest and ideal finish, you can iron your cashmere using a steam iron. The natural pile of yarns of the fabric can get flattened or crushed when you iron it by pressing. One tip of using the steam iron is to hover it on the fabric without pressing down. You will notice that the creases disappear like magic.

Storing Cashmere

After washing cashmere, correct storage of the fabric is important. Proper storage will not only ensure that the fabric looks its best but also lasts and is free from insect damage. 

When it comes to storage, it is recommendable not to use hangers to hang cashmere pieces. This is because hangers can distort the original shape of the pieces and leave marks, particularly in the shoulder area.

The best way to store cashmere is to fold your fabric and place it on a shelf or drawer that is free from moisture. If you do not plan to use your cashmere for a season, you can put it in a storage box or breathable garment bag and keep it in a dry and cool area. You can also use acid-free tissue paper and wrap every cashmere piece to prevent wrinkles. 

A specialized insect fabric spray will prevent bugs and moths from infesting your cashmere. Washing it between seasons can also prevent moths. Moths like human odors, so you have to wash the fabric to remove any remaining food odors or perfumes. An additional precaution is to place cedarwood moth repellents when you store your cashmere.

How to Wash Cashmere with Stains

Even if you are very careful, it is inevitable to have a small stain on your cashmere. It is natural to panic when this happens to your luxurious fabric. Follow these tips on how to wash cashmere and remove stains effectively.

For make-up or grease stains, you need to blot the stain and then pre-treat it by soaking the fabric in a mild detergent designed for cashmere.For chocolate stains, dip the fabric in liquid detergent and rub the stained part lightly. You have to be careful not to scrub too harshly.For coffee, tea, red wine, or other dark stains, you can rub the stain gently using a cloth with a mix of dishwashing liquid and cold water. You should note that red wine stains can set in if you use soap or machine detergents. 

After washing, rinse the fabric in cold water and put it on a rack. 

Tips on How to Prevent Pilling

If you want to wash cashmere without pilling, always turn your fabric inside out before you wash it. This is a good tip that will prevent the fibers of the fabric from bunching up and pilling together.

Also, handwashing your cashmere will prevent pilling on clothes. Furthermore, you can use a lint brush to brush your cashmere fabrics regularly. If you notice pilling on your cashmere, use a razor blade or a small pair of scissors to carefully get rid of them one at a time. You need to be very careful when doing this and don’t cut too close to the surface. 

How to Wash Cashmere – In Conclusion

Cashmere is a delicate and luxurious fabric that is durable if you learn how to wash it correctly. Whether you wash by hand or machine, the best way for how to wash cashmere is to use a gentle and natural detergent and use the right drying methods to avoid shrinkage.

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