How to Use NLP to Deal With Rejection in Sales

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How to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to manage your mind, empower your motivation, and deal with the negative effects of rejection in sales. Each day you face new challenging situations. To be successful you deal with rejection and sales objections. It’s all part of the job. But even the best sales people can start to feel the negative impacts of these experiences. How can you come out of a sales call, where you faced a multitude of stressful and negative situations, and walk into the next appointment on a motivational high?

There is a technique, adapted from NLP, that will help you do exactly that.

But first, what is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) started as an alternative form of psychotherapy in the mid-seventies. The two co-founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, looked at human behaviour, and attempted to find the rules and programmes of actions and linguistic communication. Now NLP has been transformed into a valuable tool for all areas of personal development, and communication and interaction. It fits the sales world perfectly.

How to use NLP to change you mind

You’ve come out of the sales appointment from hell. Everything that could go wrong did. You made mistakes, we all do. The customer had been let down by your company and you didn’t know. They came up with objection after objection and you didn’t have the answers. There was no rapport built, you and the customer couldn’t find any common ground.

You have a little time before your next appointment, so how do you shake off the negatives, and get back to your most resourceful state? This is the NLP technique I use with my sales team, and my private clients.

Get into an internally focused quiet state

Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and start to see the end of the last sales appointment. Hold that final frame of the end of the meeting. Do it as if you had run a video of the situation and stopped it right at the final frame.

Re-frame the picture

As you look at the picture start to drain the colour from it. We all see internal pictures differently. Their will be something about the picture that gives it definition. Often this is in proportion to the bad feelings we get from the experience.

This is how to use NLP for making changes to your feelings about the past. Whatever stands out, such as colour, outlines, tones, tone it right down. Even if it’s already black and white, drain the colour so it becomes grey. Think of viewing a television and turning down the brightness and contrast.

Now make it funny

Rewind your internal video of the sales appointment at a faster than normal speed, and watch the whole thing in reverse. There is something funny about watching people going backwards on a film. See them eat their own words, hear the sounds at a fast speed and in reverse. Watch the funny walks as they go backwards at speed. You just can’t take the people in the pictures seriously anymore, including you.

When you’ve reached the start of the internal film, start playing it forwards. Still at a faster than normal speed. Now you’re the director, and you can make it as funny and ridiculous as you like. Dress up the people in the film, yes including you. Undress them if that makes you laugh more. Add some of your own colours. Red noses, clown shoes, wobbly legs, have some fun, play it forward, add some circus music, and try not to laugh as much as you can.

How do you feel now about that sales appointment now

If you have learned how to use NLP to deal with the negative effect of experiences, you should feel completely different about the sales appointment. You will have re-framed your viewpoint and scratched the past false feelings from your memory banks.

In sales you could be facing the same experiences many times each week. Rejection, problems, your boss, difficult customers, let down by other people. Now you can take the negative impact of these situations away. You understand the importance of motivation, and now you have a tool to delete the future effects of any situation.

Some people ask, why I don’t just erase the pictures of the negative sales appointment. The answer is, you can’t try and erase memories without focusing on them. It’s the same as trying to give something up. You can’t think of stopping smoking without thinking about smoking. This NLP technique changes the effects of the memory. It re-frames the experience.

Now make it wonderfully positive

The final step of how to use NLP to deal with negative sales appointments is let it work positively for you.

Start your internal pictures again. This time see yourself going into a similar situation in the future. Perhaps with the same customer, or how you see your next appointment. Run the film at normal speed. Use a slower speed if you want to highlight the great positives you feel. You are fully in control of the pictures and all aspects of viewpoint, lighting, sound, and script.

Make this the best sales appointment you have ever done. With everything that is positive in your film you get a massive burst of positive feeling. A wave of confidence, a glow of success. Take your time, make the scenes exactly as you want them to happen.

Put it into action

Now go to that next sales call with those same feelings of motivation and confidence running through your mind. You can’t win them all. But this motivation technique will put you in the best possible state to use your sales skills to their best effect.

write by Donaldson

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