How to Stop Ribbon From Fraying – The Best Ways

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There are several ways how tostop ribbon from fraying as you cut it to the special length you want.  There is nothing worse than ribbons with frayed ends and if you keep cutting the ends of the ribbon you will shorten it’s life considerably.

How to Stop Ribbon From FrayingPinHow to Stop Ribbon From Fraying


How to Stop Ribbon from Fraying – 5 WaysMethod 1 – Cutting on the DiagonalMethod 2 – Cutting a WedgeMethod 3 – MeltingMethod 4 – Nail PolishMethod 5 – Craft GlueHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying – In ConclusionMore Articles to Read

How to Stop Ribbon from Fraying – 5 Ways

Ribbons have been around for a long time. They have played their part in history as decorated war heroes hung their medals with ribbon and famous yellow ones were tied to old oak trees! Their beautiful colors, patterns, and different fabric options have added value to our lives. We can tie them, trim with them, and make bows too. Whatever we decide to do, we will need to cut the ribbon ends and learn how to stop ribbon from fraying!

Method 1 – Cutting on the Diagonal

Cut the ribbon at a diagonal slant – This is easy to do with nice sharp scissors – one snip at an angle and the ribbon end is neat and trim. This method is great for when you are in a hurry and the ribbon is thicker and does not fray too much. It works great on the grosgrain ribbon.

stop ribbons frayingstop ribbons frayingPinHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying by Cutting

Method 2 – Cutting a Wedge

Cutting a wedge is a variation of the diagonal method above. It is best on wider ribbons rather than narrow ribbons.

Cut a V shape into the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and cut the V from the outer edge to the fold so when you open the ribbon you have a V pointing into the ribbon and not an arrowhead pointing outwards. Practice on a scrap before tackling your ribbon just to be sure. Use nice sharp scissors to get a clean edge.

keep-ribbons-from-fraying-3keep-ribbons-from-fraying-3PinHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying by Cutting

Method 3 – Melting

Stop the ribbon from fraying by melting the ends with heat.

This is only best for nylon or synthetic ribbon. Natural fibers will burn instead of melt – which is what we don`t want.

CAUTION – Use the flame with care so you don’t set the room on fire! Always have some water handy in case of any problems and never do this with cotton ribbon. If you can do it on the sink in the kitchen you will have water handy should you need it. Kids – ask your parents for help.

Just a little wave of the ribbon under the flame should do the trick.

keep-ribbons-from-fraying-7keep-ribbons-from-fraying-7PinHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying by Melting

Method 4 – Nail Polish

Dab the ends with clear nail polish – this is a quick and easy way to seal the ends and can be used in conjunction with the wedge or diagonal method.

Make sure the ends are completely dry before you put the ribbon close to other parts of your project or in your hair!

Be creative and try glitter nail polishes for an added sparkle.

keep-ribbons-from-fraying-4keep-ribbons-from-fraying-4PinHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying with Nail Polish

Method 5 – Craft Glue

Clear craft glue will also do the same trick as the nail polish and stop the ends from fraying. Check the glue dries clear on a scrap of ribbon before you tackle your main project.

keep-ribbons-from-fraying-5keep-ribbons-from-fraying-5PinHow to Stop Ribbons from Fraying with Glue

How to Stop Ribbons from Fraying – In Conclusion

Ribbons, in the haberdashery section of your favorite fabric store, are just so versatile. They have become a big part of our lives today. Apart from sewing with ribbons, we use them to create awareness and support for important causes and charities.  Rosettes made of ribbon reward all sorts of achievements and beautiful bows are tied around flowers and trophies.

Look around and you will be amazed at how many ways ribbons add value to our lives.  Girls just love to put bows in their hair and who would want a parcel tied up with string when there are so many gorgeous ribbons to choose.  So go ahead and use ribbons with lavish affection knowing you can finish your trim with neatly cut ribbon ends.

Now you know how to stop ribbons from fraying, why not learn how to make a ribbon bow to attach to lined alligator clips. These make great presents.

PinRibbon Bowhow to line alligator clipshow to line alligator clipsPinAlligator Clips

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