How to Shorten a Zipper – BEST Methods

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This tutorial will show you how to shorten a zipper. I have a drawer full of zippers but sometimes no matter how many I have in my stash there is never the right size for the project. So what do you do? Rush out to the shops and waste valuable sewing time or just shorten one you have? Learn how to shorten a zipper of course!

how to shorten a zipperPinHow to Shorten a Zipper | Plastic and Metal


How to Shorten a ZipperHow to Shorten a Zipper – PlasticHow to Shorten a Zipper – VIDEOStep 1: MeasureStep 2: StitchStep 3: CutHow to Shorten a Zipper – MetalStep 1: MeasureStep 2: Remove TeethStep 3: Reattach StopperStep 4: CutHow to Shorten a Zipper – In ConclusionMore Zipper Articles

How to Shorten a Zipper

When bag making, learning how to shorten a zipper also has the added bonus of giving you a neat finish at the end and maximizes the opening of your bag. You can also use these techniques with zipper tape sold by the yard.

There are 2 main types of zippers:

Plastic – These are also called nylon zippers and have plastic teeth. They are typically found in clothing items. Metal – These zippers have metal teeth and can be found in bags and homewares. They are sometimes used in clothing as an exposed option to add a pop of color and interest to a garment.

Different techniques need to be used for plastic or metal zippers.

How to Shorten a Zipper – Plastic

This method will show you how to shorten nylon regular and invisible zippers. You will need a different technique to shorten metal zippers and you can find this further down the page.

How to Shorten a Zipper – VIDEO

Sit back and watch my short YouTube video on how to shorten a zipper. I make weekly sewing videos so please subscribe to my channel.

Step 1: Measure

First work out the length of zipper you need. Generally, when a pattern specifies a zip length, they are referring to the length of the teeth and not the length of the tape. So a 12-inch zip (30cm) measures 12 inches from the top stoppers to the bottom stopper. (Read how to measure a zipper)

Start at the top stoppers and measure downwards to the required length. Mark the position required. Make sure the zipper head is near the top stoppers.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

Step 2: Stitch

In the position you want your zipper to end, stitch across the teeth a few times to prevent your zip from coming apart.

This can be done on your machine using a wide zig-zag stitch or with a few hand stitches across the zipper teeth. I have used contrast stitching so you can see it better but it is much better to use a matching thread. If you are hand-stitching, use a strong double thread. I like to use upholstery thread for hand-stitching. When using a sewing machine, you can use your regular polyester thread.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

Step 3: Cut

Using some old scissors (don`t use your precious sewing scissors), Trim across 1 inch (2.5cm) from your stitches.

Be extra careful you are not cutting through any metal pieces.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

How to Shorten a Zipper – Metal

Depending on your sewing project, you can shorten a metal zipper the same way as shortening a nylon zip. You will need to be especially careful however when sewing across the base of the zipper as it can play havoc with your machine if the needle hits any metal.

There is an alternative way to shorten metal zippers. It does take a little longer but it means you don`t need to sew across metal when attaching the zipper to your project.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the desired length from the bottom stopper and mark it across. Don`t forget the length of zips is measured along the teeth and not along the zipper tape.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

Step 2: Remove Teeth

Using pliers, remove the teeth above the mark. (towards the top of the zip). Carefully remove the top stoppers. You will want to reuse the stopper so try not to cause any damage. I am using quite large pliers as that is what I found in the garage but smaller ones allow for better accuracy.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

Step 3: Reattach Stopper

Reattach the top stoppers by crimping them with the pliers. I found this the most fiddly part of shortening a metal zipper. Alternatively, you could add a dab of glue or a few stitches to prevent the zipper from coming off the teeth at the end.

Don`t just leave the end without a stopper as the first time you do up the zipper it will pull off the end.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

Step 4: Cut

Cut across 1 inch (2.5cm) above the stoppers. You can use pinking shears to stop it fraying. You will notice that the original end was cut with pinking shears.

how to shorten a zipperhow to shorten a zipperPin

How to Shorten a Zipper – In Conclusion

Now you have learned how to shorten a zipper, you are ready to insert it into your next sewing project. These zipper pouches are great to make and use up some of your scrap fabrics.

PinZipper Pouch Tutorial

Do you have any extra tips for us on shortening zippers? Please share below if you do.

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