How to Sharpen Scissors? Sharp Scissors at Home

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Learn how to sharpen scissors! One of those tools that everyone has in their home, something that can be used for so many different things, is scissors. Not only can they help you cut through a variety of materials but are also useful around the home. As part of the upkeep of a good pair of scissors, you need to know how to sharpen them. A blunt scissor is not of any use to you and can even mess up one of your projects. Now, sharpening scissors isn`t something that you will have to do a lot of if you have a sturdy pair of scissors, but knowing how to is something that can benefit you in the long run.

How to Sharpen ScissorsPinHow to Sharpen Scissors


How to Sharpen Scissors How to Sharpen Scissors with Knife SharpenersHow to Sharpen Scissors with Household Items How to Sharpen Scissors CommerciallyHow to Sharpen Scissors with Specialty SharpenersHow to Sharpen Scissors of Different TypesHow to Sharpen Scissors – In Conclusion

How to Sharpen Scissors

Whenever you have a dull blade on your pair of scissors, your mind may wonder if you can sharpen it at home or if you`re better off having someone else do this work for you. There are many services available in the market that sharpen scissors for you and while convenient, they can be pretty costly. Sharpening your scissors at home is not very hard to do and can be done even if you don`t have the sharpeners specially made for this.

When it comes to sharpening scissors at home, it is a relatively easy job to do. You will need to be careful as you are working with an object that will get sharper as you work on it, so be cautious. Both online and in-store you can find a variety of sharpeners that can help you bring your scissors back to life. There are many different things around the house that you can use as a quick fix to sharpen your scissors. It will also save you the money that you will spend on buying a sharpener.

How to Sharpen Scissors with Knife Sharpeners

You don’t have to buy specially designed scissor sharpeners to be able to get your scissors to come back to life. You can also use knife sharpeners to get the job done. Scissor sharpeners are designed to sharpen both blades at the same time but are limited in their use. Knife sharpeners on the other hand will be able to sharpen a lot of different tools and won’t cost as much. You probably even have one already in your kitchen drawers. Some knife sharpeners actually have an extra slot for sharpening scissors so look at the labels on your sharpener carefully.

How to Sharpen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener from AmazonHow to Sharpen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener from AmazonPinHow to Sharpen Scissors with a Knife Sharpener from Amazon

How to Sharpen Scissors with Household Items

If you want a quick fix for your dull scissors, there are many objects around the house that you can use when learning how to sharpen scissors.

Tin Foil – Some tin foil from your kitchen can help you sharpen your blades. Just use your scissors and cut across the tin foil, do this on both sides and the blade should be a lot less dull. For really dull blades, fold the tin foil so it is several layers thick and then cut through. Screwdrivers – For the screwdriver, close your scissors on the shaft and slide them up and down. You can also use a chisel for this method. Sandpaper – You can also use some leftover sandpaper in the same way as the tin foil. Cut through the sandpaper several times. Medium grit sandpaper works best. Sandpaper is also good for removing any rust on the blades. Steel Wool – Cut through the steel wool several times and use it to clean the blades. Sharpening Stones – Sharpening stones are generally used for tools and knives and are readily available at hardware stores. Lubricate the stones with water or oil and then run the blades across the stone. Most stones have a fine grit on one side and harsher grit on the other. Which side you use will depend on how blunt your scissors are.

After sharpening with any of the methods above, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe down the blades. This will remove any residue or grit that remains.

How to Sharpen Scissors at HomeHow to Sharpen Scissors at HomePinHow to Sharpen Scissors at Home

How to Sharpen Scissors Commercially

Sharpening scissors at home can sometimes be a lot of effort and if that is something you don`t want to do, or if you would rather not risk any damage to your blades, you can get it sharpened professionally. You can take your scissors to a lot of different stores or use sharpening services all from the comfort of your home. This way of sharpening your scissors will cost a pretty penny, but it does save you a lot of time and effort if you have a lot of scissors that need to be sharpened.

How to Sharpen ScissorsIn-Store – There are many arts and crafts stores, as well as home improvement stores that offer sharpening services. You can also go to smaller specialty stores that have the equipment needed to sharpen the scissors. This works especially well if you have these types of stores somewhere near your home, and it will also save time since you literally have to drop them in the morning and pick up your good as new scissors in the evening.How to Sharpen ScissorswithSpecialty Sharpening Services – If there are no stores around you offering sharpening services, there are many sharpening services that you can make use of. You just have to send your scissors to the address provided and wait for your sharp scissors to be sent back within no time. This will cost a little extra as you will have to pay for the delivery and shipping fees, but it is the most convenient option in the market.

How to Sharpen Scissors with Specialty Sharpeners

We`ve talked about how you can use different types of materials and objects to help you sharpen the blades on your scissors. This is more of a short-term solution, a solution which you may have to repeat more than once if you use your scissors heavily for projects, in the kitchen, or just around the house. The long-term solution for sharpening your scissors is to invest in a specially manufactured sharpener. These sharpeners are easily available in craft stores and even online and will not cost you a lot of money either.

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How to Sharpen Scissors of Different Types

There a lot of different types of scissors available nowadays. Whether you want them for some crafts or some household chores, there is a scissor for you. You don`t necessarily need every kind of scissor to be able to use them as intended but understanding the type of scissor you have and how the sharpening of the blades can differ is vital if you want to do it at home, by yourself.

How to Sharpen Scissors by Type:

Standard Scissors – These are the scissors you have in your house that can be used to cut fabric, wires, and even herbs of different kinds. These scissors come with a standard one-size-fits-all handle and the blades are not usually too hard to keep sharp. You can easily sharpen them by using sandpaper or tin foil.Embroidery Scissors – A scissor that has a specific purpose, embroidery scissors are small and delicate. These scissors have blades that are pointed which allows you to precision work very easily. The blades here also don’t need a lot of sharpening but when they start getting dull, you can easily take some tin foil and use that to sharpen them back up. You can also use a store-bought sharpener if your blades are too dull.Fabric Scissors – If you love sewing and making your own clothes, you will understand the importance of having a properly sharp fabric scissor. These scissors cut through the fabric easily and leave you with a clean-cut which is very important when you`re sewing or stitching. Sharpening these scissors at home will require a bit of practice and some medium grit sandpaper. Although, you may be better off sending them off to get professionally sharpened to minimize any damage to the shape.Hair-Cutting Scissors – One of the sharpest scissors in the market, hair-cutting scissors, or barber shears are scissors that need to always be sharp. The work they do would not be the best if the blades aren`t sharp enough. A key thing to keep them from going dull is to only use them on the hair and if you do need to sharpen the blades, do it so gently using sandpaper or a store-bought sharpener.Kitchen Shears – Special scissors that are made to be used in the kitchen, this is not an essential tool that you should have but it can make a lot of chores easier for you. You can use them to cut herbs, packaging, and even poultry. Kitchen shears usually come with screwdrivers that help you take them apart to clean them which you can also use to help you sharpen the blades easily. Just take the shears apart and use a store-bought sharpener to get your blades back to top condition.How to Sharpen Scissors How to Sharpen Scissors PinHow to Sharpen Scissors

How to Sharpen Scissors – In Conclusion

For most of us, scissors are inexpensive, easy-to-find tools that can be replaced quickly if they start getting dull. For some, however, scissors are an essential tool that they use daily, and replacing a dull scissor can get quite expensive over time. Understanding how to sharpen your scissors is a great way to ensure the longevity of this versatile tool. You can sharpen the blades at home by using an array of different materials such as tin foil, sandpaper, and the shaft of a screwdriver. You can also buy different sharpeners that will help you sharpen the blades pretty easily. Store-bought sharpeners do cost a bit of money but you do get a product that helps you keep your scissors sharp and save money in the long run. Many stores will sharpen the blades for you and you can even use different services where you can send them your scissors and they send them back good as new. Different types of scissors may need different sharpening methods but overall, scissors are essentially two knives joined together so even your knife sharpener will work great. Thanks for reading how to sharpen scissors!

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