How to Sew a ROUND HEM {Curved Hem} 4 Easy Ways

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Sooner or later once you start sewing, you will need to sew a round hem. Circle and flared skirts are flattering and fun to make and many blouse patterns have a gently curved bottom hem. Don`t be daunted! Here are 4 easy ways how to sew a round hem.

round hem, how to sew a round hem, circle hemPinHow to Sew a Round Hem


How to Sew a Round Hem – Narrow HemsMethod #1 – Round Hem with BiasMethod #2 – Round Hem with SergingMethod #3 – Round Hem with Serging & FoldingMethod #4 – Round Hem with a Narrow HemHow to Sew a Round Hem – Wide HemsTips for Sewing Round HemsMore Hem ArticlesHems on Clothing

How to Sew a Round Hem – Narrow Hems

There are 4 main ways to sew a narrow round hem. Use method 2 or 3 if you have a serger and methods 1 and 4 if you only have a regular sewing machine.

Bias tape – Best for thicker fabrics such as wool.Serger with single folded hem – Best for fine fabrics that can`t be easily pressed eg. polyester. Serger with double folded hem – Best for fine fabrics that can be pressed eg. cotton voile.Double folded hem with a regular sewing machine – Great for fine fabrics that can be pressed eg. cotton voile or silk. 4 Ways to Sew a Narrow Round Hem4 Ways to Sew a Narrow Round HemPin4 Ways to Sew a Narrow Round Hem

I will also show you how to sew a wide hem that is circular or rounded but this is a method best left to more experienced sewers. Beginners should use one of the narrow hem styles above.

Method #1 – Round Hem with Bias

This method uses ½ inch (12mm) wide double fold bias and creates an attractive hem on all shapes of curved hems.

I used a contrast bias but you will get the best results by using a matching colored bias to your dress or skirt and matching thread.

Further Reading:How to make bias tape, Continuous bias tape

Step 1: Start by opening up one side of your bias and pinning it along the raw edge with the right sides together.

Step 2: Straight stitch the bias in the crease. This will be approximately ¼ inch (6mm) from the edge.


Step 3: Press the bias to the inside of your garment. The seam will be right on the edge.


Step 4: On the wrong side, stitch around the bias tape close to the top folded edge.


Method #2 – Round Hem with Serging

You will often see store-bought garments with this finish on circular hems because it is one of the fastest methods and always gives good results.

The only time I don’t like to use it is on sheer fabrics where the serging will show through to the right side.

Step 1: Overlock around the circular edge of the fabric cutting off some of the seam allowances if necessary.


Step 2: Then press the edge up just one and stitch it in place on top of the overlocking stitch.

All done! If you have a serger then this is definitely the easiest of all the methods of creating round hems.


Method #3 – Round Hem with Serging & Folding

This is a great narrow hemming method that also works for gently curved circular hems.

Step 1: Overlock the raw edge of your skirt or dress.


Step 2: Press up the overlocked edge by the width of the stitches. Straight stitch along the bottom folded edge.


Step 3: Press the hem up again by the same amount and stitch on top of your row of stitches.


Method #4 – Round Hem with a Narrow Hem

This method is best for gently curved hems where you just have a regular sewing machine.

Step 1: Straight stitch around the circular hem ¼ inch (6mm) from the edge.


Step 2: Press up the hem along the stitched seam. The stitching forms a perforation in the fabric and helps you press it accurately.


Step 3: Then press the hem up again by the same amount.

Step 4: Stitch along the upper folded edge.


How to Sew a Round Hem – Wide Hems

Creating a wide circular hem is a little trickier and probably best left to intermediate to experienced sewers.

Step 1: With a long gathering stitch length, sew around your hem close to the raw edge. Gathering stitches should have a length of at least 4.0 (Read: how to gather)


Step 2: Pull the bobbin threads to gather the edge slightly.

Step 3: Then finish the hem with bias tape. See the full tutorial on how to create a wide hem with bias tape.

Round Hems that are WideRound Hems that are WidePinRound Hems that are Wide

Tips for Sewing Round Hems

Regardless of the method, you have used to sew your round hem, always finish by giving it a good press.

Even if you have pressed during the construction process, a final press will help set your circular hem even flatter.

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