How to Rent the Right Villa for Your Holiday

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Have you ever dreamed on going on a vacation where you could really kick off your shoes, sink into the sand, and not worry about anything? We all say we are going on vacation, but most of this time spent away is similar to daily life as we have to cook, clean up rooms, and find ways to entertain all members of the family to keep the peace. If you’re tired of going on vacations that don’t really feel like vacations, it’s time to explore the idea of staying in a Bali villa.

There are many different villas in Bali and they all have different locations and perks, which ensures you can always find something that meets your individual needs.


The main decision you have to make when staying in a Bali villa is whether you want to be right on the beach or if you just want to be wherever you can find a great deal. The villas that sit directly on the beach are in high demand and can be more expensive, but that is only because they offer the best views and the most luxury.

If you love the beach, there is nothing more luxurious than opening your door and stepping right out into the sand. The sand of Bali is incredibly silky and white. Many people are blown away by this sand because it is so different from the darker colored sands found in other areas of the world.

Different areas of Bali will offer different beaches. Some will be more private and remote while others are often overrun with tourists from all around the world. Other than areas, there are some other things that you should consider when choosing the right villa to rent:


Different villas in Bali will also offer different levels of service. You can easily find a Bali villa equipped with a kitchen so you can cook meals for yourself, which is suitable if you are going on a family vacation and want to feel at home and comfortable for everyone involved.

Then you have more luxurious Bali villas that that give you a butler or attendant to make sure all of your needs are met. This attendant or butler will remain in your Bali villa at all times, bringing you meals and answering questions as needed. They will give you privacy and respect your needs to be alone, but they will also be there when you need something.

Some villas will also come with private pools and some may offer services commonly found at the spa, such as massages. These are the more luxurious villas and you can expect to pay considerably more for these services. Of course, the luxury and convenience of really being able to kick up your feet and relax is worth the extra expense!

Accommodation Features

You can find small villas in Bali as well as more spacious villas. Some villas offer private pools or Jacuzzis while others just leave the door open to the beach so you can enjoy the water whenever you want. Some are located on secluded beaches that are very private while others are near beaches popularly shared with many tourists. All of this variety means you will find a Bali villa perfectly suited to your pocketbook and your needs, but it also means you have to do your research before booking with any particular Bali villa.

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